Friday list

This week I have a mixed up list.

I have an appointment with the doctor at 11 to get three more spots taken off my back. Not looking forward to all those Novocaine shots, that is for sure.

I also have more yard work to do, as of course, I did not finish it all last weekend. I have never finished it all, I do not think it is possible. Although the pool is gone, the ladder, floats, etc. have to be put away, so that is easy and maybe I will do it.

I want to get some good photos of the cosmos blooming in among the asparagus, so I can share it with you, it looks just like I imagined! How often does THAT happen?

There are the usual household chores: laundry, grocery shopping, the Post Office.

I have some new knitting and crafting going on, I want to share that with you as well, so more photography should happen.

I might get up to Hobby Lobby, they are celebrating their grand opening today. I invited my sister in law, S, to join me, and she said she can’t go, but is surprised that I am, because of their politics. So now I am wondering – what politics? Does anyone know anything about them?

Not sure what else I will feel up to – or even if I feel up to all that shopping, etc., but I will give it my best shot!

Bad week on the weight loss front, as I GAINED 1.4 pounds. Oops…


8 thoughts on “Friday list”

  1. They are a VERY religious company. They are against homosexuals. I worked there for 15 hours and then promptly left and never went back. Horrible people. I refuse to shop there after just reading the employee handbook and company “standards”.

    1. wow – good to know – thank you for telling me. I guess I should instead go across the street to AC Moore and take advantage of all of their competitive hoopla!

  2. Bad company to spend your money on. Right Wing fringe fanatics is what it supports with the money it makes. Thankfully we don’t have one where I live, or I’d have to be out there with my protest signs.

    1. I am so disappointed, because I was looking forward to having the store in town. But now, I will just ignore it. And maybe join a protest or two. 🙂 Now I understand, however, why there aren’t more of them in the northeast.

    1. Thanks, Claire. She only took off two, and is making a referral to a dermatologist as they appear to growing reasonalby fast, and she is nervous. So, in the next few weeks, I will go get all my skin checked out. meanwhile, I have two sore spots on my back, but I feel OK.

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