Check it out!

When I went to the Post office yesterday, I was so pleased to find a package from the UK! I knew I had won a skein of Noro from Claire over at, but of course, she tucked a few wee treasures in the package as well. Thanks so much, Claire – I, too, love that colorway, and can’t wait to use it. I am already using the tin to hold some beads as I string them on yarn to make a beaded scarf. And I will keep the pouch handy for unexpected yarn purchases – great idea!

Thank you so much for sending all this goodness.

today's mail


11 thoughts on “Check it out!”

        1. lol, my “husband” is a woman who doesn’t like to wear things I make – go figure! I made her a beautiful sweater one year, and she wears it once or twice a winter, just because she knows she should. I was thinking more along the lines of something for myself, of course, being basically selfish. šŸ™‚ But it WON’T be a hat. Maybe a small shawl or cowl? Who knows. But one thing for sure, I will post about it.

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