Friday list

Well, I was thinking that I would do a fun exciting list for you guys but I just don’t know. The Common Ground Fair is this weekend, and it is THE place to go to get wonderful locally grown/spun/dyed fiber and local food And look at wonderful expensive jewelry. But I can’t find a soul to go with. (Crimson Crow if you are reading this, I hope you will go with me, I sent you an email earlier) and it is enough of a chore that I don’t want to go by myself. Except I could get yarn… but it is a nuisance to get to, and to park at. But I could get yarn…

Anyway, I don’t know about that. If I don’t go, then I will:

-Finish getting the pool ready to go to the dump
-laundry (always)
-start putting the gardens to bed, clearing out annuals, etc.
-Bring houseplants in from the deck
-Do a little more pruning on the bank, and maybe pull some crabgrass out of the garden and then move daylilies from the bank to the garden – follow that?
-grocery shopping
-I might call my sweet sister and see how we can get that last skein of Quince and Co yarn to me, as I ran out last night, and I want to finish the shawl, so I can start wearing it. It is getting cool!
-I should call my dad, too…
and write some email correspondence I have been putting off. But I probably will continue to put that off.
-also, get photos off camera so I can share them with you, I think I have some beauties. Or potential beauties when I crop out the strange things that appear in my photos.
-Work on the mystery knitting project so I can share it with you.
-Another thing I know I will do is finish up Aunt Nan’s birthday card and mail it off. It will be last as Friday is her birthday. Oops.
-And I will weigh in for the Biggest Loser. Yep, we are starting that again this week. We have eaten plenty in preparation for it, I must say. Might just defeat the purpose, right?

You can see how much fun I will have if I don’t go to the fair.

Crimson Crow, PLEASE call me. Save me from this drudgery. šŸ™‚ Are any readers out there near enough to Maine that you would like to experience the great Maine organic rural living agriculture extravaganza known as the Common Ground Fair with me? Leave a comment, we can make it work.


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