I made it!

Friday was a strange day of travel woes, but I did eventually get home!

Started with a 5 am airport arrival, to sit and wait for the required 90 minutes, listening to a drunk young man and his sober, but pissed off soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend. He got them thrown off one flight, lost his wallet somewhere, and she was (perhaps rightfully) disgusted. They were standby on my flight, and he stunk to high heaven. I pity the person who eventually had to sit next to him for 4 hours. It was bad enough smelling and listening to him at the gate.

Things were pretty uneventful until we were landing in Philadelphia. The cabin was secure, the staff neatly buckled in, flaps working, clearly landing, when a woman decides to get up. “Sit down ma’am! Ma’am take your seat! SIT DOWN!” drew no response. The stewardess flew up the aisle “SIT DOWN!” which got the response “I’m just going to the bathroom.” “You are NOT. We are LANDING.” The woman sat. The plane landed. Literally a minute later.

Usual deal, taxi to the gate, unload first class, everyone else leaping to their feet, grabbing bags. But not moving. Then, the announcement “Is there a doctor or nurse aboard? We have a medical emergency in the jet way.” A woman way in the back jumped up, and everyone scrambled to let her through. A few minutes later,”Please clear the aisle. We need the emergency equipment from the back of the plane.” The stewardess again flew up the aisle, this time carrying two big packs. They advised us of the obvious, that we would not be getting off the plane any time soon, and all I could think of was the poor woman who waited too long to go to the bathroom.

Eventually they told us that the person “was breathing” when they took him away, presumably to the hospital.I hope he made it, and that he had some family with him.

Then began the real exercise in futility.

My boarding pass said my next gate was B-8, and as we were at B-4, I was happy. But just to be sure, I checked the video screen. Nope, B-16. Still, not bad. I headed down there, and when I got there, the sign said “Kansas City” So I asked, and was told “Been a gate change – C-18.” Ok. Well, as you might imagine, C is not near B. So I hoofed it over there, found the gate, went to the bathroom, picked up a boxed sandwich and went over to the gate. Kansas City? What’s this? Gate change. B-16. Now I was getting steamed as I ran all the way back over there, thinking I would be late for my flight. The flight that originally was leaving 2 hours after my landing. But given the lengthy wait on the plane and all the gate changes, I was now about 15 minutes from scheduled departure. I got to the gate, it said Portland! Yeah! It also said “4:28” which was not the scheduled take off time. I double checked, yes right flight, just delayed. OK! I ate my very late lunch or breakfast or whatever it was and sat down to wait.

Loaded onto the flight just fine, took off, and noticed it getting a little more bumpy. Then they said there was some weather, and they would try to avoid it, but eventually, we would have to turn into it. It was really odd, as I could see this huge pile of solid gray out my window, even though I could see the ground. When we turned into it, I could see nothing, and it was so bouncy that the staff had to sit down for the last half of the flight, I couldn’t read, it was too rough. So, I just sat, trying to be calm while we were jounced all over the place. We did land safely, as you can tell because I ma here to write this, and I was really glad to be back on the ground. It was pouring rain, and it rained hard the whole way home, so it took me an extra hour (I guess it averaged out since I made good time going to the airport last Monday…)

Home never looked so good as it did when I pulled in and A had all the lights lit for me. The house just glowed through the dark. My own bed felt wonderful. Good to be home. A and the cats WERE glad to see me.

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