Phoenix Az Day 2

12:30 pm local time (whatever zone it is!)
Day two dawned about 4 hours after I woke up, still on Eastern time. But I felt much better rested, as I went to bed around 6 local time, so 1 am local time still was 7 hours of sleep. I’ll try to do better tonight.

Still hot.

Still rainy forecast – apparently a tropical system is overhead. Yep, feels like it to me.

I did venture out for lunch after the morning sessions, found that there are several lunch places immediately around hotel, so that is nice. Most close at 2 though, which does not bode well for dinner.

Still working on finding a yarn store within walking distance that is open at least until 4:30, as I get out around 3:30 today. And then there is the pool. If it isn’t raining, I expect to be in it today.

What? How are the sessions?

Dull, boring, yet very informative. As I expected. It’s a dry topic.

Getting lots of knitting done – on the Pi Shawl, I am on the 48 row section, have about 32 rows more of it to do. Just finished the first ball of yarn, I have 4 more, and I think it will be enough, but EZ warns the last section sucks it up. This is where being short is good – I won’t mind if I can’t get the full 40 rows in the last section. I have a scarf to carry me through if I finish either shawl or yarn before I head home. But I still would like to find that yarn store….


OK, I give up on the yarn. But, the pool was nice yesterday afternoon – it is shaded until around 6, so I did not have to wear long-sleeved bathing suit!

Supper came from Subway, was approached by a pan handler on the very short walk back to the hotel. I forgot about that side of cities.

Lastly – I asked at the desk about the public market and a very nice young concierge has convinced me it is worth the walk for Wednesdays’ supper. It almost makes up for the lack of yarn in this very strange place.

Who ever heard of a city that no one lives in?


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