How on earth have I missed this most of my life?

Yesterday was our big day in Portland, and it went off pretty much as planned – we spent an hour or so (and $75) at Rockler, A got all sorts of things that excite her for her workshop. Then it was over to the Cryptozoology Museum to excite L.

I can now tell you what it is. Apparently, cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals. Like mermaids, Loch Ness monster, and abominable snow men, among others. The good news is that the approach is one of science and debunking myths, but the museum seemed full of myths and stuffed animals. As A and I said, we are glad to have gone, so L can say she did it (she loved it, has several new T-shirts, post cards, etc) and we never have to go again. šŸ™‚

Then it was off to Papier Gourmet. This was a bit disappointing as they have vacated their large store for renovations, and are in a very small space, with very limited stock, no special sales or overstocks. And while there was much there that I liked, I was not in a mood to spend $30 on a calendar. But I saw enough to know that I will go back when renovations are complete, and they are back in their big store.

Next up – lunch. Here, things got dicey. Where we wanted to go was down on the water on Commercial Street. Well, it was mobbed, there was absolutely no place to park, and A was getting crankier and crankier, and so, in response, was I. Finally, we gave up, and went over to our next stop, in my sister’s neighborhood, the Knit Wits yarn store. As expected, there was on-street parking, and we found a pizza place that turned out to be absolutely heavenly – Otto’s on Congress street, in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood. After lunch, we headed to the yarn store, and my sister and niece came down – for some reason, no school Friday. It is always good to see them, but when E is there, it is nearly impossible to have a whole conversation with C.

I did, however, get to play with yarn, and as expected, I could not resist buying some. I got Quince brand Finch, in the color dogwood, which is soft a nice, soft pink with a touch of beige or gray or something to keep it from being baby pink.

quince skein

quince skein and balls

I also got Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Almanac, mostly so I could get the pattern for the Pi shawl I have been reading about on blogs and Ravelry.

How have I avoided reading anything by EZ? Of course I have heard of her, and some of her patterns (surprise jacket, percentage system for sweaters) but I have never been tempted to really read anything she wrote.

Well, now I MUST have it all. I just love her! I don’t know that I could make a thing she describes without her “pithy” instructions, but the way she mixes life lessons and her personal world into her knitting tales is simply wonderful. It is like having my grandmother B back – very funny and sharp observances, right on target. I read most of the book before we got home, and I cast on the Pi shawl in the Quince this morning. As recommended by EZ, it will travel with me to Phoenix on MOnday, so I want to get it big enough to get onto one circular needle. I think I am almost there. I can see I will have more of these, as I am already doing what EZ says I will do with it – thinking about how to embellish the big knit spaces. šŸ™‚

So. Before I could read all the way home, we had to get back up the hill to the truck, and in making that trip, I stepped wrong on a broken brick, and fell down. Embarrassing! I twisted my ankle, which was no fun. It happened when I noticed niece E run off into a shop to talk to a little boy, and as I was the trailing adult, I turned to make sure she didn’t disappear on us. I was focused on the store front, and did not look where I was going. Duh. E came right out and wanted to know why I was lying down, and as I got up, she told me I scraped my knee. I said it was ok, she informed me, no, it is fat. Observant little dolly. šŸ™‚

So, I hobbled up to the truck, we said good-bye to everyone, then went off to Trader Joe’s. A was humiliated when I hopped into a wheelchair cart, but I knew I would no way be able to hobble around the whole store, and driving was fun. We got lots of little odds and ends there, including parmesan crisps, English toffee, a birthday card and cinnamon cereal – eclectic shopping trip!

Then it was time to head toward home. We stopped for a gelato in Brunswick, and a grocery store for a bag of frozen peas for my ankle, and then we continued on our way, with me ensconced in the back seat, leg up, peas in place, and Elizabeth Zimmerman to entertain me.

A good day – we each got hobby supplies, we discovered a new pizza place, L got to her museum, and we had good gelato as well. And, got a short visit with C and E, which is always nice.

And I found Elizabeth Zimmerman. Holy cow. A great day.

And before you worry, my ankle is doing much better today, I think the peas did the trick. I should be in good shape to deal with traveling on Monday.


5 thoughts on “How on earth have I missed this most of my life?”

  1. Welcome to the world of EZ! I’ve purchased the BSJ that includes the CSJ and ASJ as well. Its been a year and I haven’t knit anything from them but part of my stash-busting will be all her.

    1. I think just reading them is inspiring, even if you never knit anything from them. I wonder if I wil ever be brave enough to just cut open a sweater to make it a cardigan? I think I will keep on purling. šŸ™‚ But the way she loks at knitting is inspirational – through observing how fabric worked, she comes up with all these great shortcuts and ways to do things. I WILL use the secret thumb trick, for sure.

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