Today was such a nice day! A little quiet, but that is good!

First off, it stopped raining very early, and cleared off, dry and lovely. Second off, I did not have to work. 🙂

A and I slept late, then headed downtown. She dropped me on Main St and went off to the grocery store. I checked out a little thrift shop I have never been into (as it is only open 3 hours a day) and found that it had nothing much for me. Then I wandered over to the bookstore to get my book for this month – Sotomayor’s “My Beloved World” which I have about two weeks to read. It looks like it will be interesting, so I am looking forward to it. I was browsing the knitting books when A returned. 🙂 Dang, I didn’t get to choose one.

Once home, we puttered around, and I started on putting some chicken wire around my beach plums, but it was too hot and sunny out. So, I came in and puttered inside instead. A puttered downstairs until L arrived to help. L and I harvested our potatoes from the grow bags – like a treasure hunt, but not as many potatoes as last year. Not sure why not, unless it was too wet this summer? Then she went downstairs to help with the great cellar project.

I did some crocheting on the blue and brown baby blanket – no photos yet, but I will take some soon so you can see it in its star stitch loveliness.

Spent some time on WordPress, (Diane got her box!, I’ll post a link to her post and photos as soon as I figure out how. 🙂 ) then when the sun went down a bit, I finished putting the chicken wire around the beach plums. Hopefully, it will repel the deer, and the bushes will thrive.

Fixed A and myself burgers on the grill, some roasted freshly dug potatoes, some yellow summer squash from the garden, and a grilled peach. Never tried that before – I thought they were good and juicy, A didn’t think they were worth the trouble. Sigh. They weren’t much trouble, if you can split a peach and brush some oil on it!

Now, back to my yarn… 🙂

Here is our whole crop of potatoes – red and white. Fun to do but not really cost-effective and it won’t feed us for the winter. 😦

red potatoes

white potatoes


9 thoughts on “Wednesday”

    1. thanks! they are pretty easy with the grow bags from Gardener’s Supply and lots of good dirt. I actually used a couple of grocery store potatoes to grow them.

    1. thanks! the potatoes are really yummy, and I thought the peach was too. Just split it, brush it with oil, put it cut side down on a hot grill, probably fr a few minutes, until hot and soft. Mmmmmm

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