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It has been an interesting few days. Not what I would really call vacation like. For one thing – WHAT IS WITH THE POURING RAIN? I am going to get a vacation complex. πŸ™‚

Anyway, after a pretty good day Friday, Saturday was mostly chores, hanging out at the house. A and sister L spent the day in the basement ripping out insulation, dead mice, etc. I cleaned the pool and swam a bit since it was overcast/rainy, I thought it was safe enough in my long-sleeved bathing suit. πŸ™‚ And I did laundry all day. I mean it. I must have done a dozen loads. But when I was done, EVERYTHING was clean folded and put away, sheets, towels, clothes, guest room sheets and towels, too. I also got into the craft room for a bit, and finished the last cotton skirt, just in time for fall. At least, it is fall colors, so I can wear it whenever I want. It is a good between season skirt, and light enough to go to Phoenix with me.

I figured out the Halloween cards for this year – woo hoo! Now to make them in time. πŸ™‚

I also ran to Brewer to pick up A’s car and move it over to the rental lot for her, as she was still down cellar and in the midst of destruction. She took 9 contractor sized bags of junk to the dump in that rental car – well worth the cost, as that would have been nine trips in or little cars.

Sunday we opted not to go to the fair in the pouring rain, but lazed at home, fiddling and doing chores and watching old TV shows. Eventually we got off our duffs and headed into Bangor to a new restaurant with L – McLaughlin’s at the Marina. It is unassuming, right on the river, and I have not had such good seafood in a very long time. We will be going back again! They are open until January 1, although, with reduced hours, of course, We will find them.

Yesterday, in the pouring rain (noticing a vacation trend this year? It’s depressing me) I went up to Bangor early and met my niece B, her Mom, and her Mom’s gentleman friend. B had a van full of stuff to move into her dorm. Luckily the rain slowed to a drizzle, and we moved fast. But before we got her books and her groceries bought, it was pouring again, so we got a little damp (soaked). But she is all settled in her room, her best friends are next door, and she seemed really glad to be back. It is amazing how much stuff she can pack into half a dorm room. Pretty good packer!

Today on my vacation, I worked. Sigh. I had a contract I had to complete, and it was a bear to put together, but I sent it off about half an hour ago. At least, that is a day I won’t have to take vacation hours for. And it wasn’t a very nice day weather-wise, so I don’t mind. If it had been sunny, that would have really been miserable. To celebrate me finishing it, we are headed into Ellsworth in a bit for dinner – not sure where, but there are a few places we haven’t been to in a long while that we like, and one or two new places in town. I’ll let you know! And of course, we will sneak into the office when no one is there to slow us down, and I will put the contract files where they can be found in case someone needs them this week, I won’t have to go in and get caught.

I think tomorrow is going to be a decent day. I do not plan to spend it working. πŸ™‚ But of course, if I go outside, I have to cover up, so I am not sure what I will do. L is coming over with her bike, we might get a bike ride in, which will be fun. Maybe I will have to head into town (Bucksport) to get the next book club book, so I can take it with me on my trip and get it all read before I return. Or maybe I will find there is something wonderful at the thrift store that I can’t live without. There is no telling. It is a vacation day, after all!


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  1. Send some rain our way! We have had only one small rain in the last 28 d
    ays and are 4″ short of the average.

  2. Sorry about all the rain. We are ahead for rain, but we received it all in just a few heavy, heavy rainfalls. Doesn’t seem like we have had enough lately. My lawn needs rain.

    • this is just the strangest summer. We regularly get deluges, which is not our normal weather. Normally, we can count on lots of cool, dry sunny days, and lots of fog bound drizzly days, We have had those aplenty, but not so many sunny days. Although, a nice front came in this morning, and now it is downright cold, but clear. Yeah! I hope you get some rain so your lawn can recover.

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