Friday list

Ohh, vacation is almost over… and today, we are going to work. Well, sort of. It is our annual staff picnic, so C and I are going to spend the day playing games, eating food and avoiding raindrops at beautiful Schoodic Point. One thing C wanted to do on this vacation was go where when you looked out over the water, there was no land in sight. That might be today – not because there is no land (Mount Desert Island is off the point) but because there is so much rain and fog that visibility is low. 😦

If it is not pouring when the picnic is over, we will probably head down to Mount Desert to play mini golf, one of the last things on C’s vacation list.

If it is pouring, then we will come home and work on our art projects, and I will make cards for Sunday’s party.

Tomorrow, A and C make a couple of batches of jam, so C can take them home with her when she goes. They like doing that chore together, it is becoming a summer tradition. I will be knitting on that last sock like mad, so that C and I can dye some yarn together, she wants to see how to do it with Kool aid and a crock pot. Which is good, as that is the only way I know how to do it!

Thursday list

Today we plan to:

Make cookies for tomorrow’s picnic
Go to Bangor for a little
school shopping
craft room shopping
and then have supper there with A if she gets out of work on time, otherwise, Chinese left overs

That should fill the day nicely!

PS it’s raining, or we would go to the lake. But thank goodness, C is a teenager now, and shopping is almost as good as the lake. If this was 5 years ago, I would be in some serious entertainment trouble.

I’m good!

Everything is fine, no polyps, just a few little expected things that are no big deal. Drugs are worn off, stomach feels better, had chinese takeout for supper last night, life is good. Don’t have to do it again for 10 years, I did so well!

Thank you for your wonderful comments of support, I feel very blessed by them all. πŸ™‚

knitting updates

I haven’t posted much lately because it has been so BORING. The endless (yet short) purple scarf. The sneaked in toe-up socks are more exciting, but I have run into a problem there, as well.

Anyway – the good news – yesterday morning in a long meeting, I finished the purple scarf! HURRAH!
purple scarf 1

I was determined to just keep going on it until I had no yarn left, and I did that perfectly, I have perhaps 18 inches left.

purple scarf leftovers

I might have gotten one more row out of it, but it would have been close, and I would have ended on a the wrong side. It is really lovely, I think, it drapes beautifully, and has a wonderful sheen to it – love silk/wool blends! (This is from PineStar studio, if you recall. Hand dyed, here in Maine) It is on the short side, but is long enough to wrap and tuck, like a cowl. I don’t usually post photos of me, but here’s one to thrill you. πŸ™‚

purple scarf closeup

Now I can work on the socks without guilt. πŸ™‚ The problem with them is that even though I bought two skeins, same dye lot, and altered them the same way, they are noticeably different, and it is the base color. So, I am using up the one skein I had started the socks in, and I HOPE it will be enough to complete the second, but I don’t think so. If not, I will use the one that is the wrong color, and then I think I will dip dye both sock to make the color variation less noticeable. Sigh.
toe up 4
Either way, when I am done making these socks, I am going to dye the remaining yarn a different, or maybe additional color, as I don’t need more things this color. I was hoping the color difference wasn’t noticeable, but niece C picked up on it right away. Darned kid and her good eyes!

today’s list is very sad

I must have a colonoscopy in a few hours, so I am sitting here, feeling very empty, thirsty and trying to just endure it.

Mom took niece C Monday evening so she would be able to have fun, rather than just sit around here while I endured the prep. That is a very good thing. It was a long afternoon and evening.

She is bringing her back today, and will take me over to the hospital. They will go have lunch and do some window shopping while I am there, then she will bring us both home. A is going to try to get out early to babysit me. Here are the instructions they gave me for today:

Coming in:
No hairspray
No makeup
No nail polish
No jewelry

Going home:
No driving
No sitting in the sun
No doing anything that requires judgement.

So I really have to wonder what on earth they are doing to me?

I typically don’t wear makeup, jewelry, nail polish, OR hairspray on my butt…

And I guess the drugs they are giving me would render me too dopey to know to either turn over or wear sunscreen. But as I am avoiding sun this summer anyway, that one is a moot point. Well, so are the makeup and hairspray – haven’t worn either in nearly 20 years… but the jewelry and toe nail polish are taken care of.

I think niece C is going to like the drugged me – as we play a game or two every evening – if I have no judgement, she should be able to beat me easily!

Can’t wait for supper tonight…..

Our very own Lobster Festival

Yesterday (Saturday) we decided to go to the Rockland Lobster Festival. C and I like to look at the crafts and go on a few rides, A and C like to eat lobster. We headed out around 10, figured we would stay a couple of hours, then go to Staples and Home Depot.

We got as far as the outside of Camden, when traffic came to a complete stop. We sat in it for a few minutes, and realized that we did not know if this traffic was just Summer Saturday in Camden, traffic for the festival (still 2 towns away) or something else entirely. And it was raining. So we turned around.
We headed back toward Belfast, and decided to create our own Lobster festival.

We stopped at Saturday cove ( which I had never been in, but always wanted to stop at. Glad I did, I LOVED it. If I had millions, I would have bought most everything and turned my home into a wonderful shabby-chic beach cottage. We got ideas for art projects, and things I want to go back to buy, and I will do it someday. πŸ™‚ Then we headed into downtown Belfast, parked the car, and wandered Main Street. We saw art galleries, Maine-made shops, jewelry, and a game store (where we bought a new game and a 2000 piece puzzle, to ensure it won’t rain again this week.)

At the bottom of the hill, we had lunch at the Weathervane on the dock, C got her lobster, I had shrimp, A had lobster alfredo.

Walking back to the car, we went into one more shop, and C found a dress she liked, so we got it for her for her birthday.

We decided that although we didn’t get rides, we had a better time – no crowds, and many of the same crafters we would have seen in the craft tents. And the lobsters were all picked out for A and C. πŸ™‚

Supper last night was ice cream, since we ate lunch so late. Not a bad day at all.

CAL week 10

It took a bit longer than I like to work through the rows – not that they were hard, but other things going on! In fact, I think I finally got the hang of the chevron rows, they didn’t seem as tricky this time – practice makes perfect!

I do think though, that it has to be nearly done – it’s huge! A couple more weeks of rows, and it will be time for a border – and I think it will be a striped one, not just teal as I had originally planned. I will have yarn left over – someone suggested a pillow today, or possibly hats. I’ll probably go with striped hats… and then jump in with another blanket, maybe…. I think I can get caught up if I work at it. πŸ™‚


row 75

row 76

row 77

row 78