CAL week 10

It took a bit longer than I like to work through the rows – not that they were hard, but other things going on! In fact, I think I finally got the hang of the chevron rows, they didn’t seem as tricky this time – practice makes perfect!

I do think though, that it has to be nearly done – it’s huge! A couple more weeks of rows, and it will be time for a border – and I think it will be a striped one, not just teal as I had originally planned. I will have yarn left over – someone suggested a pillow today, or possibly hats. I’ll probably go with striped hats… and then jump in with another blanket, maybe…. I think I can get caught up if I work at it. 🙂


row 75

row 76

row 77

row 78

Friday to-do list

This Friday is the day I drive a million miles to get my niece C (C the younger, age 17) from her home in CT, and bring her to Maine for a FUN ten-day vacation with her Maine family.

While I always dread the actual drive, I love the fact that I get to visit with her the whole car ride back again, and then spend time with her here. I am trying to think of fun things to do along the way – haven’t come up with too much that doesn’t add lots of time to the trip (something neither of us want to do, given that we will already be dealing with Friday tourist traffic) but there are a few things.

Number one was convincing her mother and/or sister to drive part way toward Maine to meet me. The girls and I have found a really nice farm/ice cream stand in Thompson CT, I think it is called Fort Hill Farm. It’s only about an hour from their house, it has delicious home-made ice cream, clean bathrooms, is easy off and on the highway, and is the kind of place where we could hang around and wait for the other party to show up if we were running late. So, we will meet there around ten in the morning, which puts me on the road no later than 5 am. And maybe that is too early for ice cream, but maybe not, too. 🙂 Then, once the transfer is complete, and we say good-bye to Mom and Sis, we will head north. I figure the next stop will be for lunch, haven’t thought of any place extra special for that, but we will have all of Massachusetts to choose from. (Oh, how I hate route 495! I hope there is something good to eat that we have not discovered yet.) I may set her to work with her phone to find us something new to try.

Nw Hampshire usually is just a pit stop at the rest area or the big liquor store/gift shop, then we get to Maine. Still 4 hours of driving to do once we cross the state line, but more options for fun near the highway.

In Portland, we can stop and see if my sister is home (maybe call first… 🙂 ) for a quick hello and bathroom break. Then, in Yarmouth, there is Eartha – this HUGE globe that is a couple of stories high, very neat. Not sure, but I don’t think I have ever taken the girls there, and it is truly right off the highway. And near a rest stop. Two good things for breaking up a road trip but not lengthening it.

If we aren’t; exhausted, there is Freeport and LL Bean, but that will be MOBBED on a Friday in August, so we might skip that.

Then I think we will just keep driving to get home, maybe stop for supper, depending on the time. Even with all these stops, if the traffic isn’t awful, we might make it home before dark!

800 miles, one day, but worth every minute.