Friday list

I’m a little late posting, as I have already done a small bit of the list – sorry!

I have already:
wandered the backyard picking today’s vegetables. Small crop, but then I am the only one who eats them, so it is good. It must be a relatively cool summer, as I am STILL getting peas in August! Yikes. Cherry tomatoes are coming along a few at a time, and the bigger tomatoes aren’t much bigger, and are showing no signs of ripening. Oh well. The rose hips are ripening – I will have to figure out what to do with them very soon. Or just let them fall and make more roses. 🙂

At last there is something on the mystery vine – soon I will know if that is a pumpkin or a green squash… lots of blossoms, but not fruit until now. No signs of fruit on the vine I know is a pumpkin, either. Not sure what all the pollinators in the yard are really up to. Peas, I guess.

L’s morning glories are just beautiful, and she is rarely here early enough to enjoy them. Mine are still climbing, but not blooming yet. She has a knack!

Still to do:

– get car serviced in Bangor – knit on giveaway surprise and read my book group book, The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout. Have to finish it by Wednesday… I think I can, I am enjoying it, so the reading goes faster.
– head over to the craft stores after that to pick up some yarn, also search for the yarn I can visualize but as yet not find for A’s afghan.
– grocery store
– post office
– laundry
– scoop pool if it isn’t raining when I am done with all other chores. It is supposed to be a good day, so that is a plus. I think my back has healed enough that I can stand in the pool, but I can’t swim unless A is home to dry it off and replace the bandage. So I have to say – what do single people do about things like this if they don’t have an A to dress wounds they can’t reach?
– call the doctor to see if the results are in yet on the lab work about the spot. They weren’t when I called on Wednesday. She said a week, but L, who worked in labs for many years, said she should have results in a couple of days. Hmmmmm.

Tomorrow I will get lots of knitting/crocheting done, as we (me, A and 2 of her sisters, S and L) are headed off to Wayne Maine to visit her aunt. Long ride in the car, then a lot of time sitting and chatting. I’ll keep my fingers busy!

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!

rose hips

today's harvest

cherry tomatoes

at last!

purple morning glories close up

purple morning glories

blue morning glories

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        1. I am just on now reading three days worth of blogs, so I had not gotten to that post yet – WOW! I am very excited! Pop me an email at salpal1@earthlink (dot) net and I will send you my mailing info.

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