The week has finally ended!!!!

While it seemed to take a long time getting going, it finally started moving around yesterday afternoon. 🙂

I found out that I will likely get $5,000 for my tax program this year – yea!
I got a high-five on the development draft plan I am working on – yea!
I got a heartfelt thank you for the down and dirty annual report draft I put together.
So it turned out to be a good week.
I also got given the budget sheets for next year to complete before I go on vacation, and I know that there is a big contract easing its way toward me that will have a short turn around time, but I now know that I CAN HANDLE IT! This is my second year doing all of this budget stuff, and it feel less overwhelming to me this year.

It helps that one week from tonight I will be on yet another vacation! Another stay at home one, day trips around our lovely area with my beautiful wife, but still, time not at work. Then, following the vacation, a trip to Phoenix for a conference. I am a little nervous about that – average temperature in September – NINETY EIGHT DEGREES (F)!!!!!! I hope they will enjoy an abnormally cool September while I am there.

Yes, I have already begun looking for lists of LYS in Phoenix. Anyone know of any? I’ll have one afternoon and possibly an evening for shopping.

But first – a weekend to enjoy. It looks to be a good one.

3 thoughts on “MADE IT!”

  1. I am really happy you finally got your groove on. Phoenix is hot but, it is a dry hot. We have high humidity here in KY and when it is 96 degrees you are wringing wet with sweat. I hope you have a great weekend and fantastic conference.

    1. thanks – I keep hearing that dry heat doesn’t feel so hotbut I will have to just see. we also have high humidity, and 96 here is frankly, unbearable!
      But today we have a lovely day, nice shot of cool dry air from Canada! Hope you do, as well.

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