Cal week 12 – I’m Done!

a mere twelve weeks ago, this was my CAL blanket:

Foundation and row 1 - here we go!

And today, here it is! (Sorry about the sunbeam in the middle, didn’t realize it was there until just now.)

complete at last

I didn’t actually do the week 12 rows, just added a couple of HDC rows before starting my border. It obviously needs blocking, one border is a little wavy, a good block would fix that if I were so inclined.but as far as I am concerned, I think it is done! How I did the border – I didn’t have enough yarn on most of the colors to do a whole round, so I did a row of single crochet in the gray all around, spacing the stitches as best I could, then I started with the colors, and just used what I had – if I ran out in mid-row, I just changed colors. I did that and used up all the navy, the periwinkle, the variegated, and the turquoise. I then did a complete round of the teal that started it all.

I love this blanket, it is so warm and cozy – really it is big enough for a twin bed, certainly, it covers the whole couch, so a couple of people can sit and watch tv under it. I (almost) can’t wait for winter. 🙂

A is looking like she really wants one. Although I joke about making her one that is the same colors as the cats, it seems she has other ideas, and would like one that incorporates burgundy, green and navy, her favorite colors. So, I will see what I can find – I want more than 3-4 colors to work with, it was hard, even with 7, to mix it up enough to look random. It will also be washable, since I know cats will sit on her lap this winter. So I guess I have to go yarn shopping!

13 thoughts on “Cal week 12 – I’m Done!”

    1. Well, I used bulky yarn, because 1.) I had some, and 2.) I was afraid I would grow bored and it would be another WIP in the bottom of the closet. But that didn’t happen, so I will start another one sometime soon.

    1. This is the first one I have made, and I made it for myself, so never gave price a thought. But if I did – I bet I spent about $200 on new yarn, plus the 9 skeins I already had. No way to pay me for my time on this, or the blanket would be like $1,000. I guess it would be for me even if I wanted to sell it, at that price! So it is hard to answer your question. If I were making them for sale, I would not do it on “spec” but rather commission, and would have lots of clear conversations with the buyer as to what kind of yarn I would use, and how my time would be paid. I think all my years counseling businesses to truly know all their costs are what keeps me from ever attempting to make my living doing knitting or crocheting. The pricing structure would be frightening to me – I could not do these big projects at a profit, I don’t think.

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