Back in the saddle

Well, I am back at work, putting in crazy hours to make up for the time off. Isn’t that always the way?

Monday, A and I drove to CT to deliver C back to her mom – it was a decent enough drive, although I sure do hate giving her back. We (at least I, and I think, she) had a really nice week, in spite of all the interruptions to our time together. On the way home, we stopped at Rockler in South Portland, and A got a few router bits she has been wanting to try. I think she will be back at work in the basement, after taking the summer off. This can only be good news if you are a book that has been in a box for more than 7 years…

Tuesday I leaped back into the fire – all day meeting in Machias, listening to DR Donna Beegle speak on generational poverty, its characteristics, how to combat it, how to communicate with people who are living it. She is an unbelievably good speaker, very eloquent at relaying her own life experiences in a way that is useful, not self serving. If you EVER get a chance to attend one of her sessions, grab at it. But going to Machias after spending all day Monday in a car was rough on me. Being in a meeting was great for the hat bag though – I made two and a half hats! Working with worsted weight sure is a nice change after the lace weight purple thing. πŸ™‚

That reminds me – C and I dyed some yarn before she left. I didn’t get the blue and white socks done in time for us to dye the leftovers, but I found a skein of wool that we died using tropical punch. It came out quite pretty, I think. I’ll make something warm and cheerful with it, and post it.

I did finish he socks on the way home from CT, so I dyed the remaining yarn Monday. Kind of like one of the old ads – I was able to dye yarn while at a meeting two hours away! Love the crock pot method.

Anyhow… I thought I would use purple and green, and that it would cover the white, and blend with the blue. So first, I filled the crock with enough purple to go about halfway up the cake. My plan was then to flip it, fill it half way with green, and see what happened. Well, what happened was that the yarn, when wet, collapsed, so I had more purple than I thought. I went ahead and flipped it and did the green anyway, but where I thought I would have a break between purple and green, I didn’t, so I have a bit of brown on the yarn, unintended. πŸ™‚ And the blue is pretty much gone, except a few places. BUT I like the green, and will do green and blue and yellow again someday, just leave out the purple! Not sure what I will make with it, as it now matches nothing I own, so the fingerless mitts I had in mind aren’t worth the effort. Maybe a scarf for the bag of give-aways….

So now I have cast on a new thing, which I can’t talk about because if it comes out well, it will be the prize for the 100 followers giveaway. I’ll know soon how it is coming along. It is a pleasure making it, I have to say, the pattern flies along, but looks complicated. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, I will post photos after I ship it out.

So – as one of A’s co-workers likes to say, “today is my Friday” meaning the last day of my work week. Glad to have gotten through it, it has been a long week. Friday list will come along soon, don’t get too excited. πŸ™‚


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