Friday list

Ohh, vacation is almost over… and today, we are going to work. Well, sort of. It is our annual staff picnic, so C and I are going to spend the day playing games, eating food and avoiding raindrops at beautiful Schoodic Point. One thing C wanted to do on this vacation was go where when you looked out over the water, there was no land in sight. That might be today – not because there is no land (Mount Desert Island is off the point) but because there is so much rain and fog that visibility is low. 😦

If it is not pouring when the picnic is over, we will probably head down to Mount Desert to play mini golf, one of the last things on C’s vacation list.

If it is pouring, then we will come home and work on our art projects, and I will make cards for Sunday’s party.

Tomorrow, A and C make a couple of batches of jam, so C can take them home with her when she goes. They like doing that chore together, it is becoming a summer tradition. I will be knitting on that last sock like mad, so that C and I can dye some yarn together, she wants to see how to do it with Kool aid and a crock pot. Which is good, as that is the only way I know how to do it!


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