What we do here in Maine in the summer

Or, how I spent my summer vacation.

This is not about knitting, or crocheting, or sewing, or any other fiber arts.

No, it’s about license plates.

Yep. tags, I think some people call them.

In Maine, we are blessed to have beautiful seashore, wilderness, lakes, mountains, a couple of fun cities, really good food, artists galore, boating, fishing, hiking, hunting. You name it, we’ve got it.

And, 9 months of the year, we have it to ourselves.

Then the sun comes out (sometimes everywhere else but here) and the world flocks to visit us. After all, Maine is Vacationland!

Traffic becomes a nightmare by our standards. There is only one thing to do – play the license plate game. So, every Memorial Day (last Monday in may) we start keeping track of the plates we spot. Our goal is to see all 50 US states plus Washington DC before Labor Day. We have never failed yet.

This year, we had 49 states and DC by the 4th of July!!! Unheard of. All we needed was… are you ready for this? No, not Alaska. Not Hawaii… we needed Arkansas. Yep. It’s a tough one to spot as it closely resembles Massachusetts, and we have a dearth of those! So we kept looking and looking and watching the other tough ones sail by – North Dakota… Montana…. Idaho already counted…but no Arkansas!

Finally, last week in Ellsworth, I spotted it while I sat at the light waiting my turn to turn left. Aaround the corner came a nice little Subaru wagon with kayaks on top and the great state of Arkansas plate leading the way.

Hurrah, complete!

So what did we do? We started again Saturday. And we got 34 of the 51 out of the way! Still do need Hawaii, Alaska, North Dakota, and of course, Arkansas. I wonder when that little Subaru will be heading out of town again?

Do we play this game with the Canadian Provinces? No, I am afraid not. We thought about it once, as we see lots of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec plates, but we realized that while we occasionally see British Columbia and a rare Manitoba, we have NEVER seen Saskatchewan or Newfoundland or Labrador, and why set ourselves up to fail? We do pay attention to our close neighbors to the north, and maybe would start the game up if we saw, say two of those in one summer, but for now we stick to our domestic product. And we do give a shout out to those military families who take their time getting rid of their Hawaii plates when they get transferred stateside. We appreciate you making it easier on us! 🙂

6 thoughts on “What we do here in Maine in the summer”

    1. makes traffic and looking for parking less frustrating, that is for sure. And we do get into it, cruising hotel parking lots when we get down to the last few. 🙂

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