As promised, last week when I hit 100 followers, I had a drawing. The logistics of it were harder than I thought they would be, but finally with the help of a random number generator, I had a winner – Diane from http://dianelaces.wordpress.com/

I will do a bit of blog stalking, and I asked her to email me some information, so soon I will know what I am making her. Hopefully, she will like and maybe even find it useful. 🙂 I am looking forward to the challenge. After I mail it off, I will let you know what she got.

Meanwhile, check out her blog, as she is kind enough to follow mine.

What other contests should I have?

It still amazes me that I do have so many followers, and that you are all so geographically diverse – Turkey? Ireland? New Zealand? UK? Wow, how did you find me here in the northest and eastest of the USA? What keeps you coming back? I am not sure I know, but I am awfully glad that you do.

7 thoughts on “99…100!”

        1. well, it can be small, or something made from your stash, or a special shout out. I think I am going to make some cards. it dosn’t have to be something that costs a lot. mine sure won’t.

  1. I received my lovely gift package in the mail today and posted photos on my blog. Love love love the red scarf – it’s so my color I had to take off my red sweater so I could get a photo of it against my black tank and it would show up. The cards are gorgeous and will be put to good use! Thank you again, it made my day.

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