Getting excited – real vacation coming up!

You know, after I wrote that title, I realized that only I would think this is a real vacation… but anyway – NEXT Friday (August 2) I am driving to CT to fetch my beautiful niece, the younger c. She will spend about ten days with us, visiting family, relaxing by the lake or pool, seeing all sorts of cool things, I hope! She is about to be 17, so I think we will have more fun together than ever. I do have to go to a meeting one day while she is here, and part of the fun I have planned for her is our agency staff picnic, which I hope she will tolerate well. There will be other teenaged girls there, so they can go off and make fun of us all. 🙂

Not sure what else we will do, but there is a big family picnic on her last day here, so that will be good. I am just looking forward to seeing her so much. Last summer, she and her sister did not come, and I feared the summer visits were over now that they are teenagers. But she asked if she could come this year, so I jumped at the chance. Her sister doesn’t want to, but that is OK, I don’t want them to feel obligated, and her sister goes to college up here, so I know we will see her soon. It will be nice just to spend time with C and no one else. I’ll keep you posted what we get up to. 🙂

But first I have to clean the guest room and make it pretty for her….

4 thoughts on “Getting excited – real vacation coming up!”

  1. Have a wonderful time!! I used to visit my aunt for a week each summer (a looonnnggg time ago!). Those are such wonderful memories! I hope you get to make those with her! 🙂

    1. I hope so too! I used to spend lots of summers at my grandparents (both sides) and I keep those memories in mind as I plan my time with the girls.

  2. Does she like to do things with her hands? She might want to learn some of your handiwork so she can make gifts for her friends. I am sure all of you will have a grand time.

    1. I think she does like crafts – one summer when she was up here, she spent most of the week at a local potter’s taking lessons. I’ll offer to teach her and hope for the best. However, I do feel hesitant to teach anyone because I am left handed, and learned everything from a right handed grandmother with no patience for lefties, so my technique is poor, although I think the end results are OK.

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