Friday update

Yesterday I did everything on my list. 🙂

First the good: I got to R’s wonderful family cottage just after lunch. Her mom and uncle were there as well as her husband T and two boys, C and A. It was hot, but really beautiful day. we spent a lot of time on the rocks watching C run around finding shells, crabs, etc. A was the smart one, he wanted to be inside reading. In the cool house. Mom and Uncle left around 3, and then the rest of us went for a short kayak/canoe ride out to the ledges that are only visible when the tide is out. T, A and I wisely did not get out of our boats, while R and C roamed through the mud and shells. believe it or not, that was my first ride in a canoe! We made it back safely, then T and C went off exploring a bit, while R and I sat on the porch drinking water and catching up on two years worth of news.

When the tide came up enough, we went for a swim until we got chilled, by which time, it was supper time, and I headed out. It was a peaceful, quiet uneventful day. Perfect summer day!

The not so good part: The doctor visit in the morning was my annual physical, and I passed on pretty much everything (or, nothing new I should say), except that a mole on my back that she has been watching has grown since last summer, so it will have to come off. I got the sun lecture, pretty effectively. On the way to R’s I stopped home and picked up a hat and long-sleeved shirt, then stopped at the pharmacy and got a whole array of waterproof sunscreens. I wore that hot hat all day, and the long-sleeved shirt and sunscreen when boating. I drew the line at swimming in it, though. But, I will have to get something I can swim in, because you know me, I LOVE to swim and then float around in the pool. I love to lie in the sun, and am completely convinced I look nicer with a tan. I’ll have to check out sun-free tanning lotions, I guess. Last night I was trying to think of a way to rig a shade over the pool…which would help keep the water from heating up so fast, too… so that would be a silver lining to this cloud. I even wondered about setting a market umbrella up in the middle of the pool – it isn’t a big pool, it could work! Anyway… like everyone else my age, I spent my childhood summers blithely unaware that I should be worried about the sun, and by the time I was in my thirties and people were really seriously talking about sun damage, it was apparently too late. I do try not to get sunburned, but I also do like to spend time outdoors, and I hate the heat, so I prefer no hats, no sleeves, etc. time to change my ways.

A dear friend of mine used to stay inside from 10-2 every day – this while living at the beach all summer! And I never understood it, but I guess now I do. 😦

Another good thing – the new Dritz hem marker came, and it works fine. And as I diagnosed, it has a large opening between the chalk container and the vent. So the problem lies with Dritz and quality control. Which stinks for all of us who have limited access to notions, and Dritz is the one we can find everywhere. BUT! Nancy’s Notions did a GREAT job on the customer service, and sent me one that works, and as I asked, they tried it first, I could tell because it has chalk in the container. I do wonder how many they had to try to get one that worked? I shipped the defective one back to them today, with a note of appreciation to the staff who were so good at helping me. So. Even though it was very frustrating to get the dysfunctional equipment, I have to say I would never hesitate to shop at Nancy’s again, the customer service was excellent. NOW I can hem those skirts.


10 thoughts on “Friday update”

  1. I know your niece will be happy to get her skirts. I am glad you got the thumbs up from your doctor. Sounds as if you are enjoying your summer.

    1. I haven’t heard about the skirts yet, I need to call and make sure they got there safely… and yes, we are having fun. As for the doctor, the only bad news is hte sun lesions on my back. I hope they come off OK.
      How are you doing?

  2. I like that you had a good time. Not so great about the mole though. My husband has had two skin cancers removed from his face and he just wears a waterproof sunscreen. My sister, who lectures in beauty therapy for her job, advised him rather than wearing sunscreen to just use a good moisturiser with an SPF in it, but he’s a real bloke and apparently they don’t wear moisturiser! Could you put up a sun umbrella beside your pool, so you can move it round depending on where the sun is? That way you could have the sun heat the water up and also have the brolly over you when you’re in it. 😄

    1. lol about your husband’s choice of sunscreen – men are too funny about such things. I have a wide array of lotions now, and have to get used to using them as part of the daily routine. My friend’s mom suggested getting the driver’s side window of the car covered with a UV film – she did it, not too expensive, and she says it makes a difference. we will see. First I have to get these moles off and find that they are OK. Umbrella NEXT to the pool. that could work. 🙂

  3. Really sorry to hear about the mole. I went through it earlier this year. Sun – cream is OK to use. I am very fair so live in the shade and do cover up. Do try to find a way so that you can enjoy the summer without the worry. A bit of everything in moderation is what I say. x

    1. thanks – I am keeping up my spirits that this one is OK, and that if I am very good from now on, the rest will always be OK, too. But I do love the sun, so it is a definite change for me to really cover up, not just sort of. I even used sun block on my face today, and it is raining! I need to get in the habit. 😦

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