Tigger’s first two weeks

Well, Tigger has done it. She has made friends with Zumba. Occasionally we ha ve a little hissing from Z but not often. Allie on the other hand is really annoyed that Tigger is still here, and lately has taken to chasing her. Tigger runs pretty fast, so things are OK. Tigger has discovered the pole to the loft, and regularly goes up there to play. She likes to go down cellar, but won’t got through the cat door. She is afraid of the sound of it. THat could be because for two weeks now, she hears that sound, then Allie comes at her. Just maybe.

But as the cellar is the land of cat boxes, we need her to learn to go down there. I expect we will tie the door open for a while, and get her used to going through the opening, then work on the actual door itself.

Food is not an issue – she still eats the food that she came with, and the others don’t bother with it much. She occasionally eats theirs, so soon we will begin mixing it for her, so when she runs out of her brand, she is used to ours.

She LOVES wet food, and comes running just as Zumba does for breakfast and dinner.

She owns the bed at night, which the others don’t even notice as they never slept there. She and Allie are still discussing who gets to sit on the window seat and when. Often Tigger wins because Allie hasn’t figured out that two can sit there, and Tigg has. So she hops up to share, Allie hisses and leaves, Tigg settles down.

So although we never intended to have 3 cats, we do and it is working out OK. We knew we loved Tigg, we just weren’t sure how she would fit in. She does very well, and the other giant cats are slowly adjusting.

the only bad part is that in the transition, Zumba has worked off a lot more fur. I am afraid she will need to get some meds to get it to grow back. From her armpits to her tail and the inside of all 4 legs is pretty bare. I hope that when things settle down, she does too, but having been through this before with Tuppence, I am aware that lifetime meds might be in order.


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