Sunday slow day

It’s sunny. It’s hot. I LOVE it!!

A had a rule for Sundays – she won’t get out of bed until 9. It’s been a hellish few months for her, so being able to sleep in is a luxury. I couldn’t stand it, and got up at 8:45. šŸ™‚ I had lots of weed whacking to do, and wanted to get started before it got too hot. I missed that, but did manage to do the whole back yard before it was just too stinking hot to be out there.

Came in and chilled with a pineapple popsicle (YUMMY from Edy’s) while A gathered up all the trash. While I went to the dump, she vacuumed the house. Then it was into the pool for me. I floated around until I could tell I was getting sunburned, then I swam a bit more to get cool, came in and showered and am just sitting here typing away.

but A just sais “Let’s go get an ice cream sundae”, so see you later.


9 thoughts on “Sunday slow day”

  1. Pat slept in this morning. I was up bright and early. I have been looking at the plans for the cedar chest I am going to build. I think that is my next project. I can’t go for an ice cream sundae but I am going to eat some cold watermelon.

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