That’s what friends are for!

So. Right after I posted my previous post, I got a call from my friend B otherwise known as Crimson Crow. She’s the only friend (that I know of!) who reads this, and I warned her she would now be prominently featured!

Anyway, she called to say she was down on the corner and had a few minutes before she had to leave for work, could she drop by? A “don’t clean up for me” visit? Well of course!

So she did, and we were talking while she met Tigger, visited with Zumba, saw where the darned phoebes are starting a second family (you read that right, now the deck is off-limits AGAIN) and I told her about the snake.

She is not creeped out by snakes. Not even dead ones. Not even dead ones caught in bird netting. So, we went out with a trash bag and she bundled up that netting and the snake and stuffed it in a trash bag for me!!!!!! And I forgot to give her a jar of jelly!!!!!

I owe you one, Crimson Crow – next time you are in our neck of the woods on a Friday with a few minutes to spare, you come right down and get it.

I would like to say that I would do the same for her, but I wouldn’t. I might do something else for her though. You just never know.


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