Today is the day I STOP being productive!

So far today I have:

played with the cats
scooped the pool and then – drum roll –
swam in the pool
floated in the pool reading the poor magazine I keep hauling out there
gone blog crawling
done a bit of crocheting
watched NCIS reruns

and here’s what I plan to do with the rest of the day
cook dinner on the grill
float in the pool
sit on the deck

I love holidays.


14 thoughts on “Today is the day I STOP being productive!”

  1. That sounds like a wonderful plan. If you noticed I have been absent for awhile. It is a long story and I will blog about it. So far my day has been feeding the animals,cleaning the house getting ready for my youngest daughter and hubby to visit. It has been raining for two days so no grilling for us. I don’t have a pool but, my yard is holding nearly enough water to swim. Tomorrow we go to my nieces house for a family get together. Have a glorious holiday celebrating your independence.

    1. Sounds like a good time in spite of the weather. I have noticed you were gone, and I look forward to hearing the tale!
      My pool is small ( one of those inflatable ones, about 12 feet across, 30 inches deep) but it is just enough to get wet and cool and float around in.

        1. lol, I know! It will get that way again tomorrow, and I really do enjoy being able to get things done in my own time in my own way. But I also enjoy a day with absolutely no expectations.

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