the rest of my day

I made the jelly At least, I made one batch. I have at least 2 more of the raspberry jelly to go, and A has 1 more strawberry jam to go, so that is what we will be doing at some point over the next few days! But I can hear that satisfying sound of lids popping in the kitchen. Yum!

I also had supper ready when A walked in the door – Bertolli saves the day!

I “fixed” the screechy sound on the tv (unplug for ten secondes, plug back in)
and I ironed the sewing so am ready for the next step on the skirts. I also cut out the last one. So, productive day, but a bit more frustrating than yesterday.

Tomorrow – off to Bath (Maine!) and Halcyon yarn shop with mom and my birthday gift certificate! I’ll bring my bathing suit as well, as it is supposed to be HOT and she has a huge big pool…


6 thoughts on “the rest of my day”

    1. the only thing I can can is tomatoes – but I do make Jelly. We use the low sugar sure-gel (pink box) and the recipes is in the box. Not rocket science, really. Just have everyhtign ready before you turn on teh stove, because when it starts moving, it goes fast! If you lived near me, I would be glad to teach you. Ever come to Maine?

  1. Love those productive days and sounds like yours was a great one. Never tried canning. I’d rather eat it than can it. Sounds like a lot of work. Have fun at the yarn shop.

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