I seem to have sewing on my brain lately

and in the craft room. So, today instead of finishing the jelly ( I will, I will) or putting the clean sheets on the bed (I definitely will, before bed time!) I have been cruising the online sewing world, in search of something I vaguely remember my grandmother having – a chalk hem marker. You know, it is so simple – a ruler that stands on the floor. You set the little chalk container at the height you want the hem. You hold the little puffer in your hand, and turn, puff, turn, puff, etc. When you are done, a perfectly straight hem is all neatly marked for you.

Since A hates helping with hems, I think I need this tool. I was amazed to find it is still being made, and those nice people over at Nancy’s Notions in Wisconsin are sending one my way. Along with a pattern I had given up on finding. It is for a simple jacket, and I saw it at Fiddlehead Artisans one time when I was in there with Mom. I encouraged her to buy it, and used my money for fabric. Then, I went back to get it – all gone. To top it off, Mom made a jacket, said it was easy, and it looks great! So naturally, while I was at Nancy’s online, I looked for it, found it and ordered it.

While roaming around online, I found a website – http://www.dressaday.com by a young woman who sews really pretty, simple and not so simple dresses. I haven’t read it all, but I think she often uses vintage patterns, and makes a dress a day. She is in the midst of a 100 dress event – what I want to know is who needs 100 dresses? Where do you keep them all? I wear lots of skirts, but if I had 100 of them, I would never know what to wear! I think I am hitting the height of luxury making 4 new cotton skirts for summer. Imagine – 100! then I would certainly need not only the hem marker, but also a dress form (and I have tried to find them in plus sizes, not so easy. the only one I have found so far has absolutely lousy reviews. So if anyone has leads on this, I would appreciate them!)

that’s what I have been up to today…so far… I’ll make that jelly though, you will see. And I did get the bikes, and the haircut. Dump was closed, though. 😦


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