Pool time

Yup, I got into the pool today. I brought out the float, the magazine, the water bottle. First thing, though, scoop out the debris. It’s been a few days since I did that, so it was necessary.

Just when I finished that, and was ready to really get in and soak a bit before floating and reading, it started to rain. Now, I know I could swim in the rain, after all, I am already wet. But I had my new magazine out there! So, I climbed out to save it, and it just didn’t seem worth the effort to get back in.

Instead I did more laundry, worked on my little purple beanie, and watched a little tv.

Relaxing, but not cooling. I may go in before this evening is over, it is hot and muggy today. And it is supposed to rain hard tomorrow.

The pool is full of nice, clean water, but I do wish it would stop raining just for a few days in a row.


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