Tigger’s first day

tigger's first day

Tigger’s transfer was rough on her. She didn’t want to get in the crate. She sure didn’t want to stay in the crate. She worked very hard to get out of the crate, and unfortunately for both of us, she pooped in the crate. Finally, after over an hour of torture and driving, we arrived. At the Vet.

They were very kind and cleaned her and the crate up, lined it with paper so she wouldn’t have to travel on hard plastic. They gave me a bag which held the towel and t-shirt that had been in there with her. I appreciate it, but I threw them away when we got home.

Tigger was very happy to see the vet. She purred while he examined her, patiently let him give her her vaccines, and then not so patiently got back into the crate. The verdict there? She is healthy, has a good coat, clean ears, clear eyes, and weighs 7 pounds. A light weight compared to her new sisters. Will that be a problem?

So, we arrived at home 5 minutes later. She looked around the laundry room and mudroom, went behind the washer, and settled in.

After I set out her food, fixed up her box, I sat quietly, and after about half an hour, I was able to coax her out. She did some exploring, then came over for a cuddle. She is VERY cuddly. She settled on my lap for about half an hour, then used the box and went back behind the washing machine.

I came out of the laundry room to find Allie posted at the end of the hall on full alert. Zumba was on the dining room table! I walked over to get her down, and she hissed and spit at me, leaped off the table, which startled Allie, Zumba hissed and spit at her, and Allie spit at me. I can see they are happy to have a new cat in the household! I washed my hands, and things got a little better with them.

So that is how it went all evening. I stayed in with Tigger for long stretches, but she never again came out from behind the washer. Zumba was cranky and Allie nervous.

A got home from work, and spent time with Allie and Zumba, and then went in to meet Tigger, who simply looked at her from behind the washer.

I know Tigger felt miserable, she was scared and probably feeling crummy, having gotten her shots, and she of course has no idea what is going on. So, I did what any caring (crazy) cat other would do. I slept on the floor in the mudroom on a chaise cushion, so that she would not be alone, yet not right in the laundry room, in case she wanted to be alone. As far as I know, she stayed behind that washer all night long. But this morning when I called, she crept out and curled up by my feet. She let me hold her while A came in to really meet her, and she let A give her a full belly rub!

The response on the other side of the door is not as positive – Zumba still growls and hisses when she smells her. Allie isn’t sure what to do about it. While they were sleeping, I did sneak Tigger out and carry her around the house so she could at least see it. Neither Zumba nor Allie noticed us, but Tigger was very scared, so I carried her back and let her go behind the washer. Where she still is. When the vet told me last week that this might take a week, I thought he was crazy. But now I can see how it might. Certainly, I think I will let Tigger be safely shut away from the girls when we aren’t home for quite a while. Until they learn that she is really a sweet sister who knows lots of things that they might like to know. Belly rubs are good. How to hunt. How to cuddle.

I sure do hope this all works out!

6 thoughts on “Tigger’s first day”

    1. we will. She is relaxing more every hour. I spend about an hour in there with her, then come back out to give us both a break for an hour or so. there is only so much hanging about I can do in the laundry room!

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