tomorrow is the first day of my vacation in the backyard!!!

And, as it is Friday, I thought I would do a list for you.

Tomorrow is supposed to be absolutely pouring rain all day, so many things that need doing won’t get done. But these will:

– Post Office run
– prepare the laundry room for Tigger
– get lunch and head over to Brother C’s to get Tigger
– take Tigger to the vet by 3 for a check up and to have her shots updated.
– bring her home and introduce her to her new home – the laundry room (it’s only for a few days)

a pretty lame list, as they go. I will probably have time in the morning to do a little sewing or knitting.

I am happy to be acquiring Tigger from a home where she is not loved, but we really did not want three cats. And we both worry that her presence will change the dynamic of our little family. In fact, we know it will but we hope it will be in a good way. We hope Tigger will be a little bit cuddly (our girls really aren’t) and that she will teach them what to do with that mouse who lives in the cellar, as Tigger is a good little hunter. But we also hope she will learn to use the cat door so the box can remain in the cellar, and that her presence won’t make our shy Allie more shy and timid for long. We would really love to see the three of them playing and running up the pole in the living room, chasing each other around the house. In time, that is. We know it won’t happen right away….


One thought on “tomorrow is the first day of my vacation in the backyard!!!”

  1. Hoping for the best. Cats will surprise you with how well they get along. My BFF has 5 and they do well together.

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