Early release

It hardly ever happens that I get to get home early, so I am happy to do so today!

This week has already been long and filled with accomplishments –

Board meeting last night meant I didn’t get home until after 8.

Big federal grant (my first as grantwriter) due Friday was complete and delivered early – today! Plus got a press release written, finished off the details of another grant and got that delivered, and spent longer than you would believe on the phone with Dunn and Bradstreet trying to get our address changed, and staff listings updated. Ditto for credit reporting agency.

All of this done in 33 hours – it seemed foolish to return to work after delivering the grant.

So, when I mentioned it to my boss and he said “just head home” you can bet I did!

Now what to do with these few hours of peace and quiet and no expectations?

well, after I post this, I think I will run upstairs and do a bit of sewing on those skirts I have in process. 🙂

One more day of work, and then vacation! who hoo – to do lists everyday!

Also, just a brief mention that I am over the moon with all the NEWS today! DOMA thrown out, Prop 8 thrown out. Governor’s veto soundly overridden. Oh happy day!


4 thoughts on “Early release”

  1. I love getting home early!! Enjoy some free time! I need to get busy on some project.. I have been procrastinating so much for the last few weeks. Mostly reading.. which is good 🙂 But not much to blog about! Have a great day!

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