Whoopie pie festival!

For two weeks I have been plotting and planning this day trip up to Dover-Foxcroft as a surprise for A. Whoopie pies are her favorite dessert ever, but she is fussy, they have to be just right. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to find the perfect whoopie pie.

I managed to keep it a secret until late this week, when they talked about it on the news and she put it together. She said it was still a nice surprise, just not on Saturday. that’s too bad, because I had found a direct route that was obscure enough that she would not have know where we were going until we got there.

So we got up early this morning, were on the road before 9. By 10:30, we were pulling into D-F. It is an interesting place – clearly not booming financially, but also, clearly, it once did. Lots of big beautiful houses, most still well-kept, but lots of empty store fronts in town. I have to say though, that I was impressed at the local chamber of commerce, or town fathers, or someone – most of the empty store windows were clean and had displays in them promoting local businesses, activities and theater. Very nice.

Because we were relatively early, we found on street parking, and made our way to the festival. Main street was closed to car traffic and many vendors were set up there – fair food, handmade bags, simple jewelry, etc. Some whoopie pie themed things – we bought a whoopie pie magnet for L. Then the heart of the festival, it’s reason for being was set up behind Main street. For $5 we were in. There were several booths, a dozen or more, of whoopie pie vendors. All had samples, which we could have for a wooden token. 4 of these came with our admission, we could buy more for 25 cents a piece. We did, and began sampling.

We tried maple/bacon, Blue Ox (berry), S’mores, chocolate coconut, chocolate raspberry, maple oatmeal, cinnamon, french toast and even a few traditional ones. I also grabbed a free milk from the Garelick Farm display – genius! – the perfect place for milk.

Then we went back around, through a growing crowd, to buy some of our favorites. We bought one we had not tried – a watermelon one that had green cake, pink frosting, and chocolate chips. It looked too cute to resist. We also bought a chocolate dipped one, and of course, maple oatmeal and traditional, and then another different one, the Blue Ox. We filled our bag.

Then we wandered through the vendors to see what else we could find. A bought a nice festival cap as it had started sprinkling; I found some really pretty magnetic scarf pins, and bought one for a neighbor of ours who always remembers our birthdays. I would have bought one for me, too, but I couldn’t choose just one, and cash was running low. So, I asked the vendor for a card. Turns out she lives in the next town over from us! I will be calling her next time I have some cash to spare.

then we hit the road, and stopped in Bangor at L’s for whoopie pie sampling. We decided the watermelon one wasn’t as good as it was cute, and the Blue Ox “tastes pleasant, but unidentifiable”. Chocolate dipped was really good, but I still like maple oatmeal the best. I think A likes traditional best.

For more info on the festival, check out http://mainewhoopiepiefestival.com/

In other news – we also stopped at the Yarn Barn in Bangor and I grabbed another skein of yarn for the CAL – I think I want more of the periwinkle, and they had the variegated one, so I got it. She doesn;t carry a huge inventory, but I knew when she special ordered my yarn that she bought extra. I was surprised that only one skein was left. I’ll make it work.

We also stopped at Day’s Jewelers to get A a new watch band – what an absolute hoot. There we were, grubby and sticky, in shorts, tee shirts and baseball caps, and we walked into a big special wedding ring event. More staff than I have ever seen there, all dressed up, fancy food (UGH we were so full) free cold beverages of the alcoholic and non- variety. Not a lot of customers, and so we were very obvious. They were very nice and attentive, but they got us in and out of there faster than they ever had before. We were hysterical by the time we got in the car. We did have time to enter the $100 gift card drawing, though. I hope we win, they have lots of things I love there.

Then it was over to Dick’s Sporting Goods. A has a gift card there, and got the idea of getting a screened tent for the cats, so the could enjoy the yard with us. It would need a floor, so we don’t get fleas, etc on our girls. They don’t make such a thing, or if they do, they don’t sell it at Dick’s. They did have small two person tents like that, but they were too small for us to maneuver with the cats, so we left there without spending a dime. How sad.

After all that, we came home and are sitting around watching TV and checking our blog reader and feeling like we had way too much cake. Which we did.

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