CAl week 4

Here we go again! I was up early Saturday morning, ready to roll…and Hannah didn’t fail me, the directions were as clear as always. Which is not to say I followed them, but I didn’t realize it until I cut the yarn after doing HDC instead of DC for the first of the rows. So, I just switched that with the next row and I think Hannah and I are the only ones who will ever know!

row 23

row 24

row 25

row 26

Took the project on the road today, but forgot the camera, so no row by row of the bobble stitch. But here it is, all done for the week.

all rows

week 4 complete

It’s getting harder to take a photo of the whole thing – using the bulky yarn means it is growing fast. Which I love. Still struggling with the white yarn in the photos, but it looks good in person. Same goes for the teal vs turquoise – they really are quite different, but don’t show up that way in the photos. You will all have to stop over to check it out when it is done.

whole length 2


7 thoughts on “CAl week 4”

    1. thanks – I do like them. Looking forward to seeing yours this week! I told my little niece (age 6) about this project, I think she is interested in one someday.

          1. I’ve done the first three rows and half the fourth but it’s now nearly 1am here and I have had a full day, a five hour drive and I need to sleep now 😄

          2. oh, I always forgethow big a time difference there is. Go to bed! Sleep and don’t set the alarm (or the dog!) so you can be rested in the morning. I hope it is a beautiful day for you tomorrow.

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