Friday list early

I am getting so excited about this weekend that I thought I would post my little to do list early.

FINALLY, it is a knitting Friday with Mom and sister C. Little niece E will be along too – her first day of summer vacation after her first year of school. She will be quite energetic, I know, with the big change to her schedule.

As a result, we have a hodge-podge knitting day planned. Usually we go either to Mom’s or C’s house, but this week, we think we will go to Belfast (Maine, USA – see, I am learning to be a bit more specific!) which is a glorious treat for me as it is only about 40 minutes away, and it is farmers market day and my sister wants to buy fabric so we will surely end up in that cool fabric/craft store Mom showed me. C has been researching parks, so that E can run around while we sit and knit, and there are many places that are delicious to lunch. And maybe I will get them to the fancy juice place. An exciting day!

But before I get to do that, I have to take the cats to the vet. Although they were just there a couple of months ago for their shots, they now need to be vaccinated for feline leukemia. Why? They don’t go outside or see other cats, ever.

Well, because NEXT Friday, we are acquiring a sweet two-year old cat from my brother, C (so many C’s in our family!). Tigger is a small gray tiger cat who just doesn’t like my brother. I think I know why, but that is for another blog post. Anyway – Tigger has always been able to go out, so if we are to take her, our girls have to be vaccinated accordingly. Tigger won’t be going out again, once she moves in, so hopefully, this won’t have to be done forever. I am sad my brother can’t keep his commitment to care for Tigger, but glad that A agreed to take a third cat and upset the balance of our little family. I hope Tigger will settle in nicely. She might even be cuddly, eventually (pick up that hint, Zumba and Allie!) and I already know she is not afraid of me, and will play with me and with A. No cat ever could resist playing with A….

That’s it. 2 things for Friday. Wanna hear about Saturday?

I am treating my dear A to a surprise adventure that I think can ONLY be done in Maine. We are going to the Whoopie Pie Festival in Dover-Foxcroft. What the heck is that? Well, I will be able to tell you better Sunday, but it involves lots of whoopie pie samples. If you don’t know what a whoopie pie is, it is basically a cake sandwich. Two pieces of cake with frosting in the middle. traditionally, chocolate cake, white frosting, but they grow ever more adventuresome. It is A’s favorite treat, and we have never gone to the festival. I think she has forgotten it is this weekend, I told her just to be ready to have fun, and that we were going for a drive to a surprise destination. It will be interesting, as she will be driving (I will be doing what? Crocheting, if I can figure out how to get the CAL directions printed before we head out.)

So not too many chores, perhaps a trip to the Post Office, but not much else. It is summer, after all!
And we have the internet, and we will hopefully have hot water when I get home tonight. Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Friday list early”

  1. I always love hearing about “what you’re up to”! The weekend at the Farmer’s market and the Whoopie Pie Festival sounds great! I hope you have so much fun! And good luck with the new kitty!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! I like reading about your adventures as well. I can’t wait to see what this festival is like, it might be lame, but at least there will be plenty of whoopee pie tasting!

      Original email:

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