Pet Peeve

Hughes net, dear Hughes net. We have used the service for the 5+ years now that we have lived in the house. A couple of years ago, the internet slowed down and they told us we needed a new modem. We paid for it, got it, the internet was normal again. Until the last few weeks. It has been slower, a bit more intermittent, until this week when it was ridiculous.

Being trained well by Microsoft, we unplugged, waited ten seconds, plugged in again. This would work for a bit.

Friday, it got really bad, and of course, A needed to log on to do her work. In frustration, she finally went to the office, so I didn’t see her again until dinner time.

I got on the phone with Hughes net support.

A man who understood English very well, and spoke it well but with a thick Indian accent and very softly went to work on my account. He was performing tests, he had me log off, log on, connect directly to the modem, etc, all of which had time lags, during which time, he told me we needed to upgrade our service to “Gen 4” which is on their newest satellite, blah blah blah.

Of course the whole time, the internet is working just fine, thank you.

We continued to run speed tests, while he continued to give me all the details of the fabulous offer (essentially the same price, but I get all sorts of faster service, more gigs, etc.)

I finally asked him why on earth I would get a new service when they couldn’t get the service I was already paying for to be reliable?

He had no answer for that one, and I finally told him I would think about it, but would not commit now. We hung up. Within seconds, the internet was down again.

Is it me or are they doing that on purpose to make me sign up for the new service? And why would they do that if it truly costs the same?


2 thoughts on “Pet Peeve”

  1. Both I and my mom’s house had for years – I got rid of them as soon as I could a few years back (staring around 2007) for the very same reasons you’ve listed here….
    Also, because if you want to download a Windows update, better do it between 3 and 4 in the morning or your service has gone past it’s download limits and will drag for the rest of the day…
    🙂 Here’s hoping you have other options in your neck of the woods….

    1. Currently we don’;t have a lot of options – can’t get DSL throught he phone company, no cable out here, yet. But apparently there is a chance cable company will come to town soon, so we have a call into them to see if they will be coming down our road. In the meantime, I suffer through withdrawal!

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