Addiction! Or, CAL week 3

OK, if you have been reading the rants over the last few days, you know we have had internet issues. As in, no internet at all yesterday.

Well, it was annoying, yesterday. But then I remembered that today was Saturday – CAL day, and I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I tried going to the library to post some of the rants I had written in Word, and see if it would work for picking up CAL instructions today. Nope, our computer doesn’t like wireless connections.

Last night, I broke out the work Blackberry, and tried to look at it on there. Can’t get to WordPress. I can, however, check my email, and I did subscribe to the CAL for email updates, so I could get it on that screen, but TINY is too big a word for the photos, I knew if there was anything tricky, I would be in trouble.

Truly, I hardly slept last night, thinking about ways to solve this dilemma that did NOT involve going to the office. I could come up with none.

This morning, I grabbed that Blackberry and went online. Oh good, a row of HC, I could do that.

row 14

OH NO!!! Star stitch? I definitely need the photos for that one. I came out to the living room and tried one last time to log on. Holy cow, it worked! It’s spotty, it goes out for periods of time, but I was able to save the post offline, AND I was able to post all the rants I wrote yesterday!

So here goes – this week’s progress!

row 16 closeup

row 17

row 19

row 22


4 thoughts on “Addiction! Or, CAL week 3”

  1. That is really so pretty! Sorry about your internet connection! That can be soooo frustrating! I’ve been so swamped lately I haven’t been doing much in the blog world, so I am going to look back in your posts to find out about this CAL. Love it! Hope all is well! 🙂

    1. Glad to have you back, and thanks for the compliment! If you look for the topic CAL, you will find it in my posts, or you can just search wordpress for Not Your Average Crochet, that is where the CAL is coming from. Others are just joining, so I know it is not too late to start and catch up. There are some really pretty blankets being made, some with planned colors, some with whatever is in people’s stash. Lots of fun!

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