Friday list

I have quite a list for today, it might spill over into the rest of the weekend!

•Time in the craft room – I have sewing to do on my skirts, cards to make fr all the birthdays I missed so far in June, and thank you notes to make for everyone who got me my great birthday presents

•Cut the grass – this is literally cut, as we have no lawn, so I use grass clippers to hack down the weeds. I’ll take before and after photos. And be warned, I only cut grass, I leave the wild flowers

•Pool maintenance – it needs scooping, etc. Not a great day for it, but it really needs it every day, so whatever I get done today is good, and tomorrow I will do it again. Maybe it will get nice enough to swim this weekend!

•Gardening – there is some minor weeding to do, the peas need their trellis brought out of the cellar and put near them. The potatoes are ready for their next 4 inches of dirt, which I even remembered to get yesterday.

•Feed the hummers – they are gobbling up the food now, we keep two feeders for them, and that isn’t enough this time of year. I bet they have a nest with babies somewhere, too.

•The usual errands – PO, Library, grocery store

•Last but not least – some work organizing and outlining a grant that is due at the end of the month

A is working from home this morning, so I might not get it all done, but we have NO plans for this weekend, so I can work away at it all weekend.


7 thoughts on “Friday list”

  1. I am going to need a long nap after reading your list 🙂 I am avoiding my to-do list like the plague to try to learn how to spin yarn, so aces for your for embracing it!

    Don’t forget to have some fun, all work and no play and all that 😉

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