2 more days, and NOW we are getting stressed!

This week has been absolutely wild, unless all you wanted to do was go to work. A was traveling 5 days, overnight Monday night. She was home fewer than 8 hours a day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and worked 8 hours by noon today. Needless to say, she is exhausted. I was home MOnday and Tuesday, left early Wednesday for the New England Community Action Conference in Portland (which was GREAT, invigorating) and got home around 3 this afternoon.

So, while the yard is neat and tidy, the house is a complete disaster. We decided to “just” do laundry today (we probably have 6 loads, since neither of us was home this week to do any), and rest up to be in a cleaning frenzy tomorrow.

Then it will be Day Zero.

Can’t wait! How nice it will be to be married and have that gold band on our fingers. And have a clean house, a tidy yard and a day off.
But before that, we have to reconnect with each other. the cats, and our real lives.


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