knitting this week

It hasn’t been a particularly productive week on the needles – I made a couple of hats – one I made three times, trying to get the pattern right, only to run out of yarn! It is a great cabled slouch hat I picked up from allnightknits. I finally pulled it all out and knit my old standby beanie. But I liked the pattern, so I will be doing again, but make sure I have enough yarn. I also finished my socks – tried to get a photo, but none came out well – Allie was helping me in the process, so I got a lot of photos of her shiny black fur. And these few blurry shots. Not sure why all my photos are coming out blurry these days but I apologize for it.
sox and allie

While Allie helped with photos, Zumba took a nap. She loves her basket, even though she doesn’t fit in it anymore.

In this photo, you can see that her bare little belly is finally growing hair! I hope we have sorted out the food problem, and her itchy days are over.

Zumba working hard

This week I have a conference in Portland, so will be away a couple of days – I plan to bring LOTS of knitting – so many hats to make while sitting in workshops. And I hope by the time I get back, the yarn for the CAL will be in – if it isn’t, I am afraid that I will start another big project and won’t want to put it down. 🙂 I want to make a few more pairs of socks for myself, and a lace scarf or two…and there is still the big red cabled sweater ready to roll again. The sad part is that I already have all of the yarn for these projects, so no yarn shopping required. 😦 And the Maine Fiber Frolic is coming up in a few weeks. I’ll have to think of a few more projects before then! There is always such wonderful yarn there.


2 thoughts on “knitting this week”

    1. not to worry – I should have made sure I was using a full skein. 🙂 I’ll make it again, you can be sure. I really like it. Sorry I don’t know its origin, though. I appreciate you trying to give credit.

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