Foggy Sunday

The weatherman finally got it right – it is a lovely, foggy day, soft and gray. Perfect for planting!
wet deck 2

I have gotten lots of things done around outside this weekend – I think everything that can be planted yet is, and all of the house plants are cleaned up and out on the deck. I hope it stays gray for a few days while they get used to being outside.
wet deck

The pool is getting near to full, just have to put the ladder in, and bring the outside chairs out of the cellar, and the yard is looking good for the summer. Sister-in-law L has promised to come over one day this week while we are at work and do some more weeding/raking – she is an angel!

I am disappointed that the cherries are blooming now, I wish they could have waited a few days longer, they look so pretty right now (sorry about the blurry photo), and they won’t next week when everyone is here to see them.

Other news of our outdoor world – a phoebe has built a nest on one of the deck supports under the deck that the cats go out on. Not sure why she chose to build right there, but it has made for some interesting moments out with the kids. I spoke with Mom about it – how long should we leave her in peace, and Mom suggested we don’t, until she is sitting on the nest, in the hopes that she decides to move it. So we go out, and the phoebe protests until we give up and go in. It is quite funny, the cats have no idea there is a nest right beneath their feet, but they certainly know they are being scolded and dive bombed. They sit and watch out the door for hours, and are thrilled when we open it and let them on the deck.
watching the birds
And while I was out on the deck potting things, the first humming bird of the season buzzed by! A sprightly brightly dressed male, happy that I hung the feeders last week. It is truly spring at last!


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