Friday list!

weather forecast called for rain, so I made a heavy-duty boring indoor list for today –

clean bathrooms
put house plants out on deck
grocery shopping
maybe a trip to Bangor to help my niece B move out of college, if she calls needing it
a little knitting
wrap baby shower gift so A can deliver it to work, as we will miss the shower next week.
maybe paint a bit in the loft
go to the PO

Here’s the thing.

It isn’t raining. There is not a cloud in the sky. Birds are singing. Heavy equipment somewhere near by is chugging along.

So – a revised list.

rake leaves away from back of house.
scoop pool
load more dirt into new raised beds
plant flower seeds in old raised beds I prepped last weekend
start cool weather vegetable seeds
clean out raised beds still to be done, and get them ready to plant warm weather things in
move tools and extra flower pots around to the cellar
weed everywhere
Post Office
wrap shower gift

I guess I had better get going!


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