wedding prep

Oh, it sounds so funny to be thinking about getting ready for our wedding. It is such a combination of HUGE deal and non-event.

Huge deal in that we can actually do it! Non-event in that we had a big party and commitment ceremony 4 years ago, so we consider ourselves married already. This will be a renewing of those vows with whatever language is necessary to make it legal. Then a Dutch treat lunch at Crosby’s.

So, what preparations?

Well, I would like to have the gravel around the house a bit tidier (I should really stop calling it a yard!) so A’s two sisters came over last week and helped dig and weed and plant pansies. It looks much better, but there is more I want to do. Aunts who have never seen the place are coming, after all. I want my sand nice and tidy. 🙂 And the pool filled. I am working on that a bit each day.

Clean the house – yep, someone has to do that at some point. Probably the day before, or why bother, right?

I guess the loft won’t get painted in time, unless it is too rainy to work outside this weekend. So I might move the furniture back and uncover it. But the rooms leading to and from it are still full of boxes and will remain so until the loft is finished.

The there is the problem of what to wear. A is planning on a clean t-shirt and casual slacks. Shorts, even have crossed her mind. I saw a beautiful sundress on the cover of a Lands End catalog, but by the time I ordered it they were out of stock. So I looked in the closet. I probably have something in there I can wear. Or I could clear off the sewing machine and make something. But probably not before the 19th.

That’s it. Those are the preparations, and they are under control, and if they don’t all get done, we will still get married and it will be fine.

There is something to be said for this stress free way of getting hitched.


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