rockin’ Saturday

Yesterday we did everything on the list, and then some! Got the license, got A’s ring, left my great great grandmother’s to be resized forme (A is afraid to be responsible for an heirloom, so I will wear it. I think heirlooms are not good if you can’t use them and enjoy them.) SO I think we are ready for 5/19 activities.

Today, A’s sister L came over to help with the never rending insulation project – today was in the basement. I ran errands, and when I got back, learned I missed all the excitement – they found a mouse nest complete with Mom and tiny babies. Probably just born, as they were tiny and hairless. Managed to round-up the babies, but mom remains in down there, we think. Kittens were FASCINATED with this new toy, but we don’t think they got her. Found a few places where little critters could get in, and plugged them up with wood and foam insulation. I bet we find more of all of this as we go forward with this. So, since we have no idea what was really in all the insulation pulled down, I spent a good chunk of time driving bags of it over to the transfer station.

We went out to lunch to Crosby’s, our favorite take out place, and the planned wedding lunch place. Food was yummy, just as we remembered it. A little chilly, but it will be warmer next month.

While A and L continued to foam and do other projects down stairs, I worked on cleaning out the loft so that we can paint it. I have been putting that chore off for weeks now. I think I just have to vacuum and roll up the rug and I will be able to paint half the room. Then, move everything to the other side. Sigh. I wish it was just painting, but there is all the cleaning and clearing that happens first.

On the needlework front, I finished the last hat with the red yarn – total hats – seven. A variety of size sand styles, as you can see. Hard to see details of them when they are all the same color and I am not a great photographer, but here you go.

I could start myown red hat club!
I could start my own red hat club!

I also am making good progress on the baby blanket – it’s the first thing I have crocheted in a long time, I really am enjoying the fast progress.


Lastly – when I finished that last red hat, I gave myself permission to stop doing hats for one project – the blue-green cowl. I am knitting it on HUGE needles I got from Nancy’s stash, so big I don’t have a way to tell what U.S. size they are. They are 80 mm 12 cm Addi turbos. Yikes, between using them and the yarn doubled, this will fly. It will be my “mobile” project this week. I got the basics of the pattern from the folks at Good Karma Farm, where I got the yarn the day Mom and I went shopping in Belfast. It is pretty cool, something I have never tried before – first row is k1 p1 (here I go again!) but after that pattern is set, then on all the k stitches, you k the stitch in the row below. It makes it very thick and chunky.

I put the business card in there for scale - this is super big and chunky, using fairly bulky worsted weight yarn doubled.
I put the business card in there for scale – this is super big and chunky, using fairly bulky worsted weight yarn doubled.

I plan to have this cowl button, so I can wear it as a scarf if I prefer – I made the button holes by binding of one stitch each, they are still huge, of course, so I will have an interesting time finding just the right buttons.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, I think. Then back to work for me, while A has the week off. We will have to get a few things done before we head to Boston on Thursday, but it should be a pretty straight forward week until then! I’ll have to think about what knitting project I bring along – a couple of hours on the train in each direction means I will be able to get a lot done, BUT I will have to carry it along the whole time. Nothing too big then.

6 thoughts on “rockin’ Saturday”

  1. Like how you included all the color choices in the baby blanket – I once made one for the owner of my favorite restaurant – who is from China – I asked my boss (also from China) what colors were considered ‘appropriate’ for baby blankets in her culture and she said red and purple both had good meanings – it was so wonderful to make a blanket in something other than the standard baby pastels!
    I admire your knitting abilities – I first learned crocheting and over the years gave up trying to keep yarn on and stitches consistent using needles with no hook! I did finally manage to use a knitters loom, to make scarves – ! LOL

    1. The yarn I chose is variegated – still the baby colors, but a little bit stronger, I think. Glad you like it! Knitting is so completely different from crocheting, I know it is hard to learn the other when you are really good at one. But it is worth it, because they ARE so different. Keeps me from getting bored!

  2. Oh I love the blanket and the cowl, both such lovely colours! Good luck with all the cleaning, it’s my least favorite thing to do but sadly quite necessary!

    p.s when I read that you got the yarn in Belfast I was like “Omg are you in Ireland??” but apparently there’s a Belfast in America! Learn something new everyday 🙂

    1. LOL – yes, there are probably lots of them in the USA – but the one I went to is in Maine. Lots of immigrants must have felt homesick and named their new towns after their old ones. Not sure why they left, exactly… Glad you like the things I am making. I love sharing them!

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