Sunday slow day

This is a nice day – we totally chilled this morning, lounging in bed until lunch time, just reading (this is a family friendly blog, don’t forget!) and relaxing. A had to do a bit of work, so she is gone for a few hours.

Had a long talk with Mom this morning, they just got back from a spring trip down to the carolinas, where is really is spring, I guess, though not as warm as it could be. Talked to her about doing our wedding service, and she said yes, so now we just have to pick a date and get the rings and license. 🙂 WOW. Amazing.

progress report:

It is so hard to work on the leg warmers that go on forever, but I am doing it everyday. My goal is to have them done by the end of the last basketball game Tuesday night. I might make it – I have about a third of one to go. These photos don’t do justice to the length… And the completed one is not bound off, in case I have to reknit it to make it the same as the second one. I essentially just knit until the yarn was gone, if the skeins aren’t the same length, I will have to adjust one of these. So I hope the skein for the second one is NOT shorter than the first one. then I can just stop at the same point, bind them both off and drop them in the mail. She will get them before July! And I will get to start a new project.

wip leg warmers2

I sorted through some baby blanket patterns and decided I needed more yarn for the one I planned, so went to the hardware store to get some. That’s right – our hardware store carries yarn, and if they don’t have that special acrylic you are looking for, the chances are good that our local pharmacy will. Only in rural America. 🙂 Anyway, they did have some that will do, so I got 4 skeins of it – for 17 dollars! That is the good part about using acrylic.


One thought on “Sunday slow day”

  1. I see what you mean about ribbing your leg warmers. They do look pretty though. Good luck finishing them. Maybe a little at a time 🙂

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