wip no more

I spent all weekend working hard to finish the red sweater, and I did it. Then I ripped it all out. The closer I got to completion, the more sure I was that the sweater either would not fit or would be very unflattering. I was right on both counts.

Sigh. Somehow I forgot? that Vogue models and I are not remotely similar in shape. Actually, I knew it, but thought that I had adjusted the pattern enough to make up for it. I didn’t.


I still love the sweater, and now know what I have to do to make it fit, and I think I know what I have to do to make it look good. So, I will be doing it over again, After all, I have all that red yarn that I love.

Pattern alterations I will make:

– Shorter sleeves with faster increases/decreases so they fit my old lady arms.
– More length so it is not so cropped on my much shorter/wider (than a Vogue model’s) body. I think I want it to hit high hip on me.
– No bobbles – they are cute and look wonderful on the knitted garment, but there is no part of my body that is enhanced by a row of bobbles. Also, they use lots of yarn, so eliminating them should give me enough for the longer length.
– Lastly, I might make the cables more symmetrical – not sure about that – without the bobbles, it might not bother me so much that they aren’t.

Process changes I will make:

– Provisional cast on for the body stitches, and place them on a holder when done, so that I can use 3 needle bind off on both side seams. Not sure why they didn’t do both sides the same – maybe I will find out when I try it?
– Knit front and back at same time – less work to make sure they are the same and that the pattern rows match up when you reach the other side.

So, live and learn – or relearn – lessons. I can’t wait to have the sweater in my wardrobe. But I am moving it to the end of the line, since I have yarn a friend bought for me to make her a sweater, and then there are the leg warmers for C that I want to make. It will get done before next winter, but probably not in time to wear this winter. Bummer. But better that it fits and I like it than that it is done and checked off the list.

time to remember words of wisdom from Quinn at Halcyon Yarn – it is OK to rip it out and do it right – after all, we knit because we like to knit – does it matter if we knit the same thing more than once?

Think of the money I will save on yarn, getting to use this yarn twice. 🙂

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