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Friday was a tax day – this time at the library in Southwest Harbor. I forget what a nice town SW is – and they have a really nice library. It was kind of a slow tax day, a few cancellations, but we did enough to make the trip worthwhile. I brought my knitting (duh) and so have another tax hat done. The room we were in has years of old National Geographics, so I read all about the world the month I was born. It was pretty interesting reading. I’m pretty old, I guess, as it seemed like a history lesson I was reading.

So about the tax hat… A few months ago, we went to Aunt Nellie’s Attic in Holden, and I got a bag of beautiful blue and purple and gray yarns for 1.50. I might have mentioned it to you. They looked so beautiful together, I knew they would make great hats. I was right, but…. got home, and found it clearly was someone’s project bag, probably crewel yarn – most of it cut into 18-36 inch lengths! Horrible for knitting hats. But what I finally did was knot them together randomly, and knit “watercolored” abstract hats. I got three out of the bag, and gave the last bits to sister-in-law S today for her “chipmunker bags”. She makes really beautiful little hand crocheted gift bags with pretty accent buttons and beads. Anyway, I figure those hats cost me $.50 each! Not too expensive! I’ll get pictures in just a minute…. 🙂

Last night, A and I went out to supper for a late Valentine’s Day dinner. We went to a pub in Searsport that we really liked the last time we went. Had an absolutely delicious meal – I got maple bourbon steak tips – absolutely delicious, and too much, so I will get them for supper tonight too! A had fried haddock and hand cut french fries, she ate it all, and said it was delicious. I think we will go there more often, now that we are reminded just how good the food is!

Today I cashed in on one of my super bowl winning breakfasts, and A went out and got me a breakfast sandwich and donut from Dunkin Donuts, while I made double brownies for lunch with her sisters today. Then I ran out and got a haircut, gas for the snowblower (yes, we will need it again, another blizzard predicted for tonight. No naming this one, as far as I know) and stopped at the library. I needed to get my book club book for next Monday, and found a book on CD to listen to coming and going from work. And I picked up the Louisa May Alcott book we talked about reading at last book group – Under the Lilacs. They did not have a wide selection of her works – lots of copies of LIttle Women, Little Men and Jo’s Boys, and 8 Cousins, but not much else. It will be fun to read it even if the book group doesn’t choose to. Still plugging away at Cloud Atlas. It is bogged down again. Kind of strange book – gets interesting, then dull.

A’s sisters were here when I got back – we had power pellet lifting today – we had a ton of them delivered to the driveway this week – with three of us working (S keeps the cats from the open door) we can get them stacked in the cellar pretty quickly. A and L bring them to the top of the stairs, slide them down a ramp A made, and I catch and stack them. It worked pretty well! Allie hid in the bedroom. Zumba came downstairs to help me (as in hide in the kayak cockpit and watch.

Then A and L made home-made veggie egg rolls – so yummy! The brownies also were good, though rich. They are layered – blondie on bottom, then brownie, then caramel frosting. sugar hit!

After I finish this post, I’ll take those photos, and then settle into knit away on my red sweater. Have I told you about it? It’s a Vogue Knitting pattern – bulky yarn, cable knit, but easy pattern. I am about 2/3 done, and hope to finish it this weekend. I’ll miss it on my lap, it is SO cozy and warm. After this, I have yarn from a friend at work so I will make her sweater – also an easy pattern, neck down, circular needles, fast fast. THEN – leg warmers for oldest niece C – she requested them in a fade colorway – I can’t wait to get into a yarn store and choose colors to make that happen. I warned her that if they are fun to make, she might get several pairs. I got the impression that it won’t be a problem. 🙂

So. Another blizzard tonight, or maybe tomorrow – they are a little vague and uncertain. I don’t think it will be a Nemo storm – unless you live in Nova Scotia. If you do, I hope you get a better weather report for your area than we do. Ours stops exactly on the border, even though we are much closer geographically and weather-wise to New Brunswick and NS, we get weather reports for places like Boston and New York, which get totally different weather from us. The national identity needs to be forgotten when it comes to weather. But I guess it never will.

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