off the camera

These were on the camera – not too old, though, I think they are all this year!

get well outside This is the outside of a get well card I made for a friend – it’s the second one I have made like this, I think it is a cheerful way to say hope things straighten out soon. 🙂

get well inside
the inside of the card

big girls in baskets
Love the cats and their baskets! the day we got them, they both fit easily into the basket on the left. As you can see, Allie takes up the whole thing by herself now.

long wip
can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of this when it was done, but I did! Zumba helped me get this shot, which was near the end of the project.

altered doily card
Non-traditional valentine, doilies altered with walnut spray ink and shimmer spray. Double hearts wood painted with acrylic paints.

quilted cards
a quilted valentine

quilted card open
the valentine open


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