Thought I would warn you – no Friday list!

But there may be a whine in here somewhere by Sunday. 🙂

This is another killer week – three days of tax prep clinics to finish off the week! Thursday at my regular office n Ellsworth, Friday down in Milbridge at our old office, then Saturday back here in Ellsworth. I added up the hours (shouldn’t have done that) and it is over 65 for the week, if you don’t count the time it is going to take me to wrap up a report that is due by friday and which is almost done, but not quite, and for which I need to wait for some answers before I can finish it.

However! We will see what will really happen, because we are due to get what might be a whopper of a snowstorm starting Friday afternoon/evening and lasting until sometime on Saturday, and it MIGHT be 2 feet of snow. Then I would cancel the Saturday tax clinic, and instead spend the day ont eh phone trying to reach everyone who has an appointment scheduled. I have mixed feelings about that happening….

And I have little confidence in the accuracy of the predictions of snowfall on the part of our local forecasters. I prefer the wait and see method of predicting weather.

Other stuff I should be doing includes making valentines, as they need to start going in the mail Friday or Saturday… and posting photos of all the stuff I worked on last weekend so you can see how things are going. And Winter Wear still needs hats, so I should bring those in, and keep on knitting! The warm red sweater progresses as well – I love big needles and bulky yarn – a few rows and inches are done! So I hope to spend some quality time with that project this weekend as well, soon it will be too warm to wear it if I don’t keep at it.


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