Today was nice and low-key.  I don’t think we got up and going before 9:30!  Did a few errands in town, and got home in time for lunch.  Watched a show we had DVR’ed and then went for a walk. It was not as warm out as it looked!  Still quite a breeze blowing, making it feel a whole lot colder than it looked.  BUT – how amazing that on February 2 the ground is clear of all ice and snow, and we can go for our walk safely outside?  That’s two days in a row for that.  So much better than the treadmill and bike in the cellar.

Came back and I did a serious chore – finished knitting the blue shawl.  Spent a lot of time this afternoon grafting the top edge to the body – how I hate the Kitchener stitch.  I will choose my patterns more carefully from now on.  But I got it done, and it is lying all stretched out upstairs in the craft room. It should be good to go to work on Monday to surprise one of my favorite coworkers!  Did not make any cards, but I did finish a funny hat, and felted it, and that is also drying.  Started another one so I have a project to take to work on Monday, but tomorrow I work on the red sweater.  Can’t wait.  Of course, I also should make some cards.  And clean the bathroom.  Sigh.  So many unfun chores need doing.

We will be watching the game tomorrow night – we have a bet, as always.  This one is that the loser has to get up and make/get the winner breakfast for 4 Saturdays after the game.  I got Baltimore, A got SF. (we really don’t know about football nor the teams, so it is sheer luck of the draw on this one.) I look forward to the ads – glad to see the baby Clydesdales will be back, I missed them last year.  And A watches so she can sound intelligent at work on Monday.  Where as I just say “did you see that ad about…?” and don’t worry about it.  But I don’t work with a room full of men like she does.  🙂


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