Friday list

Well, all I can say is, I made it through the week. Got the reports done, closed a loan, took board minutes, had a loan committee meeting, went to a business support meeting, and did a million other things. Did mess up one appointment time, so I don’t get an A for the week, but I have to say I am so glad January is over! I also could not have done all the things that got done this month without a huge amount of help from my coworkers. I get frustrated about things at work, but rarely about them, everyone is super. People make the work worthwhile.

Now It’s heavenly Friday – the only one I will have free in February. So what to do, what to do. 🙂 I have a long list of things I WANT to do… and some I will do anyway.

– go to the craft room! Have Valentines to make, as well as a get well card for a coworker who was in a bad accident last week. If I have time to do a little quilting on the table runner and placemats, I will.

– to the hardware store for some stove lighter gel and a wire suet bird feeder basket. In the last windy storm ours disappeared. Really. The snow is gone, I still can’t find it anywhere. That was some storm!

– to the dump – trouble with a January thaw? the trash thaws. I love winter, when we can go to the dump only when the barrel is full, but if it isn’t freezing, then we have to go once a week. Bummer.

– to brother C’s to help him with his taxes

– to Bangor for dinner at Kobe Steakhouse (never been before), and hopefully the movies to see Lincoln (can not wait!!!). This is to celebrate our 11th anniversary which was Monday (and I had book group on Monday, so missed the whole thing!) Sister L will join us – it’s kind of a joke for us – we always have a family member along for our special “romantic” occasions – Mom was there on our first date, A’s mom there for many other occasions.

Not very eventful, but I will enjoy it, and get things that need to get done moving along. I might clean the bathroom in there somewhere, and of course do some knitting – I am almost done with the blue lace shawl – I am determined to finish it this weekend, and block it so I can give it away. Then I can concentrate on the red sweater, which I am almost halfway through! Of course, I still do hats (they are more mobile than lace and sweaters) and I heard yesterday that the winter wear project is once again out of hats. So while I was filling my bag to send of to Nest and Root Cellar, I might raid it and give some to Winter Wear. I’ll see what ones she wants, I seem to have lots of boy colors done right now. So between lace and sweater, I should whip up a few hats.

A says I also need to play with the kittens, which will be a real chore NOT! Right now Zumba is asleep on her chair, and Allie is in her basket taking a bath. She won’t sleep while I am home and might do something that requires her supervision. Zumba rests up until I actually do something, she trusts that Allie will wake her up if she is needed. One thing I noticed when I got home from the Farmers’ Market Convention that they are big girls now. I hadn’t really realized it until then. I think they are about full-grown, but of course, they still act like kittens. They will be 11 months old tomorrow, which seems amazing, doesn’t seem like we have had them that long. While they aren’t very cuddly, they are very good companions.

Well, I should get going, or I won’t get up to the craft room in time to make the card I want to mail today.


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