Christmas is almost gone

A and I finished getting the tree down Saturday. We did it without the 12 foot ladder, which is such a pain to get out of the basement, and then around and into the house, especially after we get snow.

But, since we don’t care about the ending condition of the tree, we got creative. We got everything off of it as far as we could reach with the 6 foot ladder, then cut all the low branches off the tree, and tipped it over, so we could reach the upper ornaments. It worked! Then we heaved the tree over the bank into the woods, and I put all the branches on top of the rose-bush, for a little extra mulch.

Other than that, we have just been puttering – and cleaning up the needles from the living room. House looks pretty unfestive right now. 😦 Although, I notice, A’s village is still set up on the sideboard, and I know there is a string of lights in the mudroom. Also, all the window candles are still up, and as far as I am concerned, can stay there until spring. It is so nice to come home from work and see them all lit up. I love battery operated candles! It is so easy to just leave them on with their timers and forget about them.

Other than that big chore, we have just been puttering around, A worked on the insulation in her big closet, I baked bread and cookies. We both played with the cats and did some laundry, vacuuming, etc. A even went to the dump on her own. Well, she took Allie with her. Allie likes riding in the car, but not in the crate. So A is taking her on short trips to get her more used to things. Zumba and I stayed home cooking. Zumba was a bit distressed to be left home alone, but she settled down after a bit. However, when Allie returned, Zumba was ecstatic to see her. They were quite cute. It is probably one of the very few times in their short lives that they have been really apart.

Other than that, nothing much new. Finished another hat, worked on the lace scarf. I have also started crocheting granny squares with the bits of yarn that are too small to even be stripes in a hat. Eventually, I will get enough squares to make a blanket or something, which will go along with the hats to charity. So far, three squares done. Many more to go.

Tomorrow starts another work week, and it promises to be a deusy, as they say. the next few months, in fact, will be crazy, but at least I passed my tax test! So I will be doing taxes a few days a week for the next three and half months. In addition to all that other stuff I do every day. I get tired just thinking about it.


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