pretty good day of shopping!

I wound up at the quilt store in Bangor, and of course they were out of my favorite fabric for the back, but had plenty of my second choice. I also got a few more fat quarters for the stash. They have the batiks I love and can’t resist. Thank goodness for fat quarters. They also talked me into a pinking disk for the rotary cutter when I asked about left-handed pinking shears. They tried to find them online (I could tell them the result of that!) and finally suggested I try them in the rotary cutter. I will, but had really been hoping to have some luck finding the shears. Someday.

I had fun wandering around AC Moore, but it is funny how when you have some money to spend, you get picky. I had a list, and they didn’t have a lot of what was on it, but I wound up getting a refill for the xyron, and some embossing folders. I also got a couple of pads of 6×6 christmas papers that were on sale – they will work great for next year’s tags and maybe Christmas cards – not sure yet as I haven’t given the design for next year an iota of thought.

From there I went to JoAnn’s, to find that they had NOT reinstated my gift card – grrr – and could not help me with it at the store, double grrr. (when I got home, I called customer service, and was helped by a very nice woman named Jenn, and we are all sorted out, I should have an email confirmation on Monday, so I am happy with them again.) I got a few more odds and ends – nothing too extraordinary – T pins and watercolor pads and colored gemstones. I found it interesting that neither store had a few things I wanted to check out – Addi lace needles and interlocking foam blocking squares. I know where I can probably get them – thank you for the LYS!- but I wonder – is all of greater Bangor really happy with all the polyester yarn and Susan Bates needles? I mean, those things have their place, but there are other more upscale things that neither store carries. I also could not find glass beads in size 8. they have ten, they have 6. So, thank goodness for my local bead store, too!

By the time I got to Target, I was sick to death of shopping. I went in, got exactly what I went in for and left – cheapest visit to Target ever – $7.50!! Got home minutes before A, and so we had supper together and I showed her all the presents she bought me for Christmas (since she gave me the gift cards!)

Now we are settled in front of a nice fire in the pellet stove watching Elementary on the DVR. Ahh, I love weekends.


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