I sent myself an email today from work

I happened to glance out my window late this afternoon, and was struck by how pretty it was out there. New snow. Setting sun.. I wanted to capture what I saw so I could post it here.

Outside my window is our driveway, and beyond that some low pines, with more trees off in the distance. So I could see snow-covered pines, the sun just under the distant tree tops. I could still see the whole thing through those tree tops. The sky was that dusky blue it gets at the end of the day, and there were a few low clouds, reflecting gold. I wished I had my camera. What a beautiful sunset on the last day of the year.

I just opened that email so I could recapture what I saw, and I noticed the time stamp.

3:43 PM.

WHAT THE HECK??? 3:43 is NOT the end of the day. It is the middle of the afternoon.

Hellooo…..JUNE! JUNE? Where are you and when are you coming back??????

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